See the cat? And he is! (“Find the Cat” attentiveness game)

Almost all people know that cats are liquid. But the ability to disguise, they hide from us ... This is literally just that this muzzle woolen nibbled frozen chicken straight from the tray on the table, and in a second you could not find it in any corner of the apartment, although the windows are closed, the doors are locked, and the house itself is surrounded by a perisy barbed wire. That's where did she go?

No, the cat didn’t seep through the floorboards and didn’t dig in the flowerpot for a while, but simply merged with the space, masquerading as a terrain better than any chameleon. Do not believe what happens? But try to find the cats in the following photos!

"Caution! Angry cat!"

This ad can not hang on the fence - so it will be even more effective. It’s just that the whole power of claws and loud chabble will suddenly come down on the uninvited guest, so the only thing that remains is to run, flashing heels.

And you found where to wait for the danger?

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But here he is, between the fifth and sixth shtaketina at the top!


Not firewood, but can warm

This kitty so far looks completely harmless - nice and fluffy. I wonder if her appearance will remain so peaceful when she is disturbed in order to chop firewood for a bath or shish-kebab?

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Sleeping cat on the middle stack of firewood on top.


Severe mountains - a severe cat

Imagine that on these sharp stones a plump British or imposing Persian is lazily pranking over even in the wildest fantasies. In such brutal conditions, only a real predator will survive, and his ability to disguise is a pledge of a tummy-filled puzik.

And you, a tourist, feel this look?

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Well, in vain you do not feel - here it is, right in front of us - in the center!


Give a rest!

This handsome man has obviously been tortured either by people with their eternal desire to cuddle a charming cat, or kitty beauties, who want a piece of his brutal male attention. But where he hid from pesky fans, you can't hide from the paparazzi.

Do you see this yard star?

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Well, is it possible not to notice this soulful look, directed away? Here is this little face, from the fork of the trunk looks!


Sleep, sleep, cat, we're just past!

Looking into these sad-sad eyes, it really torments my conscience that in an attempt to capture it in the photo, unwary people woke him up. Nothing less - just from the night shift for catching mice came, and here we are!

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Not found? Here it is, on pebbles, almost in the center!

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