Wrapping Paper Christmas Ball

Master class on creating a Christmas tree ball of wrapping paper. It is very easy to make such an craft with your own hands. You can decorate the entire tree with such balls. You can make the tree stylish and unique by changing the size of the toys as well as changing the colors. To change the size, make billet-cones, either smaller or larger. To make a red toy, you will need to make the cones in silver outward and that's it. 1. We will need: • Wrapping paper. (Two-tone). • Double-sided tape. • Scissors.
 wrapping paper scissors
2. We make these templates here. A semicircle is needed to cut the same blanks. The second is to fold the blanks into identical cones.
3. We cut out blanks, the diameter of one such blank is 9 cm. We will need about 50 pieces of them.
We cut blanks
4. We put the template-cone in the center of the workpiece.
Attaching a cone pattern
5. First we wrap one corner and then the second corner.
 wrap one corner
6. Fix the double-sided tape. Putting it aside without removing the protective film.
 Fixing with double-sided tape
7. Thus, we make a sufficient number of blanks-cones.
 doing enough
8. Remove the protective film and begin to glue the cones together. It should be such a circle.
 Removing the protective film
9. Top lay the second row of blanks. And further until the empty space ends.
 we put the second row of blanks
10.One half of the toy is ready.
 half of the toy is ready
11. Turn over half the ball and lay the cones on.
we put cones further
12. The toy is ready for the Christmas tree.  Christmas tree toy

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