Words of gratitude to the teacher at the graduation in the kindergarten from his parents - examples of texts in verse and prose. Thanks to the teacher from the children - beautiful and touching lines

VDS-001At the graduation in kindergarten, touching and tender words of gratitude to the teacher speak both parents and children. For such an occasion, beautiful, heartfelt lines, filled with the best emotions and pleasant, kind wishes, are suitable. We have collected the most successful variants in verse and prose, which are appropriate to pronounce on a festive matinee. Draw inspiration from our ideas, choose the best text and thank the educators for their spiritual generosity,endurance and patience with which they relate to their mischievous, mischievous and restless pupils.

Beautiful and kind words of gratitude to the kindergarten teacher for graduation in verses

In honor of the graduation day in kindergarten, all kinds of festive events are held, at which parents, children tell beautiful teachers, gentle and touching, and kind words to caregivers and nurses. The staff of the preschool institution are warmly grateful for the patience, attention and care shown to the children, and they promise to always remember this. Pleasant words envelop in a harmonious poetic form and recite out loud during solemn matinees. Complement the rhymed lines with the most sincere and warm wishes of well-being, health, happiness and, of course, excerpts, which will help to easily transfer all the cute leprosy committed every day by young, carefree tomboy. Such beautiful words penetrate the very heart of caregivers and cause a whole lot of positive emotions. After all, it is always pleasant and flattering for every person to know how highly people around him value their professional work.



Thank you, educators,
For caress and love,
For work and charm,
For many kind words.

For wiped noses,
Wiped tears,
For fairy tales and walks,
Classes and workouts.

You with the graduate today
Congratulations and sad
And in the fall with a briefcase
Already in the first class we will go.

We wish inspiration
And the strength to create.
We wish new children
Give your warmth.


You raised them as relatives,
Care, affection they were given.
Parents to you every moment
Thank you for talking.

But now the kids have grown up,
Already in the schoolyard set foot.
Let them remember forever:
You loved them very much.

And we wish you happiness we
Love is huge, bright, clean,
Good health on the way,
Support from relatives and friends.

We wish to save in heart
Love and tenderness to all children
And new kids grow.
You need them very much, believe me.


Our moms are the second
Your chicks now
Go to the first class.

We congratulate you on this
Very appreciate, we respect.
Let your pupils
They can make our world more beautiful.

Thank you for your work,
For kindness, warmth, care
From the heart we want to say
Happiness in life to wish!

Kind words of gratitude to the kindergarten teacher at the prom in prose


The kindest, most trembling and tender words to the kindergarten teacher on the day of prom say parents. They thank the mentor for his patience and patience with which he treats children and promise to never forget who taught their dear children to distinguish between what is “good” and what is “bad”, instilled the basics of such concepts as friendship and mutual assistance. , and introduced to the outside world.

Exalted thank-you phrases are usually pronounced in prose, in parallel complementing them with the most touching, kind and pleasant wishes. There are no strict rules and requirements for the text here. You can just go on stage and say all that is in the soul. Any compliments and beautiful turns of speech with a large number of adjectives, describing the feelings of parents in relation to people in the brightest colors, will be pertinently cared for their children for many years. The main thing is to say all the words sincerely and from the heart. Then they will penetrate into the soul and will remain in the memory of teachers for a long time.


We want to thank the teachers for their work, dedication, attention and love for our children, who have their first graduation in life today.We wish you work to continue to bring pleasure. Obedient to you pupils and bright days, joyful and amazing events, high salaries and patience!


On the day of our children's graduation from the kindergarten, many thanks to the wonderful teachers. Dear and dear, always remain the same kind, sweet, understanding, sincere, caring and radiant. We wish you great success, work in joy and good health.


Dear caregivers, today you say “Goodbye” to our children. And we thank you for the fact that in the garden the guys were like at home. We wish you health, good luck, creative and professional success. Let your new students be as glorious as today's graduates!

Beautiful, heartfelt words of gratitude to the kindergarten teacher for graduation from children


At the matinee, dedicated to the graduation ceremony in kindergarten, beautiful, heartfelt words to beloved tutors are surely spoken by children. In their sincere and gentle treatment, the boys and girls remember the best moments of their kindergarten life and thank the mentors for the fact that they were always there, came to the rescue in a difficult moment,they suggested how to do the right thing in one situation or another and kindly drilled the pupils for restlessness and tendency to mischief.

To make a speech of thanksgiving especially bright and impressive, it is presented in the form of an original number, in which the whole group participates. An initiative team of several parents selects poems of appropriate content for kids. The children memorize them, and then at a certain moment on the matinee they recite out loud to a beautiful musical accompaniment, dance or costumed performance. Such a performance makes the most pleasant, joyful impression on educators and remains in the memory of all those present and direct participants for a long time.


Teacher today
Say all thanks.
Without your smile it would be
Sad and sad.

Thankful for the care,
Every bright, warm moment.
Your work is very important,
He is exalted and great.


The teacher is not a job,
A soul calling.
Get important
Laurels and recognition.

Thank you for your efforts,
For warmth and kindness,
For love and understanding,
Hearts sensitivity, breadth.


With our tutor
Calm and warm.
With our tutor
We are very lucky:
No kinder character
And there is no generous soul.
I wish you happiness and joy
Wish kids!

A word of gratitude to the kindergarten teacher at the graduation from his parents - examples of texts in verse and prose


For a festive event in honor of the graduation ceremony in kindergarten, parents should prepare heartfelt, reverent and tender words of gratitude for teachers. Beautiful, optimistic texts in prose or inspirational, touching couplets in verses will sound equally pertinent on the matinee. The main thing is that the words should sound positively and fully reflect all the feelings that moms and dads have, marking the first prom in the life of their dear babies.

You can supplement the festive speech with sincere and kind wishes of patience, endurance, health, happiness, creative and professional success, well-being and material wealth. These simple words, though not distinguished by great originality, are always accepted favorably and cause pleasant, warm emotions. At such a moment, caregivers clearly realize how important their work is and how highly their parents value their activities.

Words of gratitude in prose from parents to teachers

Dear our educators! Every day, when our children returned home from kindergarten, we saw joy in their eyes. We saw how happy they were that they spent another day at their favorite kindergarten. Everyone in the kindergarten, it was a great happiness for all the kids. Indeed, for the years they spent in it. Sadik became their native om. Home where they are always waiting for fun, laughter and entertainment. Home, where they are waiting for friends and favorite teachers.
Today is graduation. Today you and we say goodbye to each other. We will not return to kindergarten with children. But we will never forget what you did for us, done for our children. All that our children can do is all thanks to you and your concern for them.
Thank you once again and let you be fine. After all, you are doing the most important work in the world!


Today is the saddest day of our lives. After all, today we are separating our children from you - from caregivers. We would like so much to leave them with you again, but it’s not possible - school and adulthood are ahead.
Over the years that our children spent in kindergarten, they have learned a lot. The years that have passed in kindergarten are the happiest years for our children. Every day is a new discovery. Every day is like a holiday. Every day these are friends and carers.
Thank you, our dear educators. Thank you for your work, work that cannot be estimated. After all, all that you do, you do for the whole society, for the whole of our country!


So this day has come - graduation from our children. We waited for him for a long time, prepared for him and worried. And now he has come. What do we feel? We are sad. It is sad that we part with the kindergarten. But even more sad for us is the fact that our children are breaking up with you - with your favorite tutors. Over the years spent in the garden, children are used to you, they loved you. Every time we came home from kindergarten, our children told us how they spent the day, what they did and what they did. And we understood - they like it in kindergarten, they like it with you - with their favorite teachers.
Today we say thank you for our children. You have done so much for them that it is simply impossible to measure. You have done for them what they have not yet appreciated. You gave them a ticket to the next life, you have prepared a solid foundation for their life.
Thanks to your work, we can not worry about their children. We know that they will be fine.
Thank you, our educators. Thank you for your work and for every day that you gave to our kids!

Thanksgiving words from parents for graduate tutors in verses

Thank you for your understanding
Patience, care and attention.
You help the development of children
So that they become both kinder and smarter!

We wish you good health, many years
We also wish personal victories!
Here our children will grow up, then
We will bring you grandchildren to you!


Thanks for the warmth and kindness,
For the fact that our children were raised,
For giving them love,
What knowledge did you give them!

We wish you health and kindness,
So that both in prosperity and in love you lived.
To smile happily always,
That at all you never were sad!


Our children grow up quickly,
Sometimes they do not have time,
But you are always responsible for them,
Give them good advice.

We rent chickens in the morning,
That gives you trouble.
In the evening we take preschool children,
Which both write and count.

And how do you still succeed,
To bring up our children?
Say thank you remains
And gratitude to convey!

Original thanks to the kindergarten graduate teachers - video clip

This video clip shows a very original and effective version of gratitude for teachers at the graduation ceremony in kindergarten.Mothers approached the issue creatively and prepared for the teaching staff not just a speech with beautiful words and pleasant wishes, but an entire mini-concert of funny ditties describing all the most important aspects of the life of the preschool institution. In the verses, good words were mentioned not only by the caregivers, but also by the head, the nannies, and all the other workers who daily take care that the children feel comfortable and cozy. Such an extraordinary number was a real surprise at the holiday and caused a storm of enthusiasm and long prolonged applause.

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