Woman in Red: 10 spectacular scarlet dresses in the movies

Wday has collected the most famous motion pictures, which due to the red color entered the history of cinema. Get inspired!

Vivien Leigh, Gone With the Wind

Red dresses in the cinema
Photo: shot from the movie "Gone With the Wind"

Year: 1939.

Artist: Walter Plunkett.

To create historical and beautiful dresses, Walter Plunkett put a lot of effort. As a result, Scarlett received a wardrobe of 31 outfits. The most memorable among her dresses was of course green, which was sewn from the curtains and decorated with tassels. But one cannot but agree that Vivien Leigh’s burgundy dress, in which she comes to Ashley’s birthday, is also amazing. It is made of velvet, decorated with lots of stones and feathers. The cut surprisingly goes to the actress, emphasizing the fragility of the figure. Vivienne had a very thin waist, and the designer did not fail to beat this advantage. True, as he himself admitted, while Vivienne was not endowed with a magnificent bust, so the neckline had to be filled with cotton.But this fact does not implore the fact that the actress is very much to face.

Marilyn Monroe, "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes"

Red dresses in the cinema
Photo: Getty Images


Artist:William Travill.

The film “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” presented us with two legendary images of Marilyn Monroe. Fashion designer William Travill created a pink bustier dress for the diva, in which she sings the song Diamonds are the Girl’s Best Friends, and a stunning red outfit embroidered with sequins for the stage when she and Jane Russell perform Two Little Girls from Little Rock. If the first dress still somehow pretends to be elegant, the second is simply a challenge to the public morality of the 50s. By the way, so that the film is still not banned from showing for the frankness of the costumes, William Travilla had to enter the decollete zone, which reaches almost to the navel of the actresses, to sew up bodily tissue. But the bottom section is very real.

Gina Lollobrigida, “Notre Dame de Paris”

Red dresses in the cinema
Photo: shot from the film "Notre Dame de Paris"


Artist:Georges K. Benda.

Esmeralda performed by Gina Lollobrigida was recognized as the most successful in the entire history of screen versions of the novel “Notre Dame de Paris” by Victor Hugo. Perhaps because the seemingly brilliant Italian really looked like a gypsy.Maybe the role was played by the fact that in order to more accurately fit the image, the actress decided to neglect the shoes and play barefoot. But most likely, the scarlet outfit helped her to remain in the memory of the audience. For the heroine artist Georges K. Benda created two dresses - yellow and red. It is the second featured on all posters for the film. It is sewn so that perfectly emphasizes alluring star shapes - hips, elegant neckline and slender waist. Thanks to the scarlet color, the artist managed to embody a very complex idea - to make a bright and memorable dress that should look like a tattered street gypsy.

Brigitte Bardot, "And God Made Woman"

Red dresses in the cinema
Photo: a shot from the movie "And God created a woman"


Artist:Jean andré

The heroine Brigitte Bardot is a young and charming resident of Saint-Tropez, from which literally all the men who inhabit him are crazy. Juliette has a very relaxed character, which is very eloquently told her outfits. At the very beginning of the film, she appears in the frame at all what the mother gave birth to, however, the camera gives only a rear view. Then come across shots in a wet dress with completely bare legs, etc.Of course, the wardrobe of such a seductive young lady simply could not do without red. His costume designer let in the film, packed in a sheath dress of rich scarlet hue. Croy focuses on the forms of the actress - a thin waist, beautiful breasts and hips. Well, the red color does not leave these charms a chance to go unnoticed.

Audrey Hepburn, "Funny Face"

Red dresses in the cinema
Photo: Getty Images


Artist:Hubert de Givenchy.

For many years, Audrey Hepburn and Hubert de Givenchy have been associated with warm, friendly and creative relationships. Thanks to this tandem, several iconic images have appeared in the history of fashion, to which we are equal to this day. One of the masterpieces created by Givenchy for Audrey was the red dress-toga, in which she appeared in one of the scenes of the film “Funny Face” of 1957. Unfortunately, this scene is short and does not give us a long time to enjoy the creation of the designer. But she quite allows to consider an example of how in the most sexual color you can look stressed elegantly. The image is complemented by branded high gloves, without which Zhivanshi practically did not let his darling into the frame.Although most of the scenes with this outfit were cut out of the film, this particular image became the hallmark of the film. Hubert de Givenchy for the costumes for "Funny Face" was nominated for an Oscar.

Julia Roberts, "Pretty Woman"

Red dresses in the cinema
Photo: shot from the movie "Pretty Woman"


Artist:Marilyn Vance.

Perhaps the most famous red dress in the history of cinema is the evening gown of Julia Roberts from the movie “Pretty Woman,” in which she and Richard Gere are sent to the opera. Its creator Marilyn Vance said that while working, she was inspired by the image of the heroine Audrey Hepburn Eliza Dolittle in the film “My Fair Lady”. She meant a light dress in the floor, in which the heroine went to the embassy reception. Also, the designer relied on the image from the picture of John Singer Sargent "Portrait of Madame X", which depicts a lady in a long black dress. By the way, initially the director insisted that the dress on Vivienne be exactly black. Marilyn Vance insisted on the scarlet color. To incline the studio to her side, she made three different dresses and a lot of test shades of red. After Julia Roberts re-measured it, and the appropriate color was chosen, the creators of the painting went over to the side of the artist and preferred red.As a result, they did not lose, because this dress entered the history of cinema.

Kate Winslet, "Titanic"

Red dresses in the cinema
Photo: a shot from the movie "Titanic"


Artist:Deborah Lynn Scott.

For the costumes for the “Titanic” artist Deborah Lynn Scott received an Oscar. The award went to her not just and not in vain. It took a lot of time for Deborah to create an authentic wardrobe for Rose. She studied archival photographs with images of the Edwardian era, read a lot of books about this time. Dresses created by her, turned out really impressive. And not only in terms of history. She was able in the images of Rose subtly convey her inner state. A vivid example of this is a dress in which a girl tries to commit suicide and meets Jack. It is made of red satin and the top is decorated with black lace with sequins. The top layer symbolizes the brilliance of what surrounds the girl, black - the tragedy in the form of marriage, which threatens her. Red is the passion that lurks in it and is barely visible under black tinsel. Well and, of course, red at the time of acquaintance with Jack is a symbol of a nascent feeling.

Angelina Jolie, "Alexander"

Red dresses in the cinema
Photo: a frame from the film "Alexander"


Artist:Jenny Bevan.

The main decoration of the film “Alexander” is the brilliant Angelina Jolie in the role of the mother of the long-suffering (as he is shown in the film) of the Macedonian king. The historicity of the works of the artist Jenny Bevan seriously let us down, but we will not go into these details right now. Moreover, one detail still looks like the truth. At the ceremonial event, Jolie appears before the subjects in a red dress. This color in ancient Greece was a festive color and distinguished those who belonged to the aristocracy. So it is very correct that not only the white variants of peplos were allowed into the wardrobe of the mother of Macedon. I also want to praise the artist for the choice of color. This warm scarlet, trimmed with gold, surprisingly goes to Angelina Jolie.

Keira Knightley, "Anna Karenina"

Red dresses in the cinema
Photo: a shot from the movie "Anna Karenina"


Artist:Jacqueline Durran.

Like in all the films of Joe Wright, in Anna Karenina, artist Jacqueline Durran worked on costumes. The director did not demand from the designer an exact visual reproduction of the epoch, therefore Anna’s wardrobe turned out to be very non-historical, but she couldn’t be denied her showiness.Their color changes as the story progresses and depends on the inner state of the heroine. When passion boils in her soul, as you have probably guessed, the dresses are painted in scarlet shades. One of these dresses - dark red ball crinoline with a corset - became the main image of Keira Knightley for promotional posters. The chosen shade is the embodiment of passion. At the same time, the artist has chosen the fabric in such a way that, glittering by the light of the lights on the ball, it is iridescent in different shades - from scarlet to maroon. There are no unnecessary details in the films of Jo Wright. That red color served him his service.

Eva Green, "Dark Shadows"

Red dresses in the cinema
Photo: Dark Shadows poster


Artist:Colin Atwood.

In the Tim Burton film, the heroine Eva Green Angelica is the antagonist of Barnabas Collins, played by Johnny Depp. In her example, the artist Colin Atwood was supposed to show what a witch could look like, living not in the distant Middle Ages, but in the 60s and 70s of the 20th century. The dresser decided that she should be stressedly sexual. To do this, flawless images were designed, replicating the ideal girls from the advertising posters of the Virginia Slims cigarettes of the 1970s.The most gorgeous outfit of Angelica was a red dress in sparkles. He was sewed specifically for Eva Green. The prototype was a genuine dress from the brand Biba - the iconic London brand, which was at the peak of fashion in the 1960–70s.

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