What can you wear coral colored things with?

Coral color is very relevant today, so by all means purchase a few things of this shade. But first, find out how and with what to wear them.

Who is going to?

Coral is a very interesting and delicate color that can make an image romantic and feminine. And since there are many different shades, each woman will be able to find something suitable. So, girls who have the type of appearance "spring" (pinkish-beige skin, golden blond hair, bright eyes) should pay attention to warm colors.

With the color type “summer” (light skin, light or not very dark hair, blue or gray eyes) you should choose bright shades of coral. If your type is “autumn” (yellowish skin, brown hair, dark or green eyes), then choose coral, more close to red or orange. And with the “winter” color type (dark hair, blue, green or gray eyes, light skin) almost all shades are suitable.

Color combinations

What are the best colors to combine coral? Several variants:

  • All sand colors will make the image soft and calm.
  • Black will create a contrast and make the kit bright.
  • Fashionable mint will refresh the image and make it youthful and original.
  • Brown will give mystery and femininity.
  • Red and burgundy add passion.
  • White - a symbol of purity and lightness, so that it will be in harmony with the coral.
  • Golden will make the image interesting, original and rich.
  • Silver will give sophistication.
  • Blue will refresh the set and make it weightless and light.
  • Interesting to coral will look dark blue.
  • If you want to make the image creative and bright, then complement the romantic coral with deep and mysterious purple.
  • Yellow will add brightness.
  • Shades of beige will make the image discreet and refined.


The coral color itself is bright and can play the role of an accent image. But if you want something bold or unusual, then add it with prints. Here are some of them that will be relevant:

  • Leopard. But remember that it should not be too much.
  • Naughty and interesting with the coral will look strip.
  • It is appropriate and cute and direct peas.
  • Original and romantic look floral patterns.

What to wear clothes of this color?

Fashionable coral color in clothing requires careful attention to the creation of images and the selection of things.


Interesting ideas:

  • Straight coral trousers can be worn with a translucent white or beige sweater.
  • Slim fit sporty pants will look great with a bright T-shirt, T-shirt or sweatshirt.
  • Cropped trousers can be worn with a loose knit jumper in a mint, white, blue or blue color, with a striped T-shirt, and a denim shirt.
  • Flared coral trousers will be combined with a fitted white jacket with short sleeves.


With what to wear a coral skirt? A few ideas:

  • A skirt with a high waist is interesting and brightly it will look with a bustier top with a floral print.
  • A mini skirt can be worn with a shirt or a loose-fitting blouse.
  • A long skirt in the floor will be combined with a loose t-shirt or shirt.
  • Coral pencil skirt can be worn with a light blouse or turtleneck.
  • Ruffled skirts are best combined with simple shirts and T-shirts.

Blouse or shirt

With a coral shirt or blouse, you can wear blue jeans, light-colored shorts or white cropped trousers.

A jacket

Such a thing will be interesting to look over light blouses, turtlenecks, T-shirts and jumpers.


With coral-colored clothes, it is best to wear light, feminine and interesting shoes, for example, pumps, sandals on a steady heel or on a flat sole, moccasins, ballet flats. Preferred colors: red, white, beige, mint, black.

What accessories are combined with coral clothing?


  • Pearl beads.
  • Large gold or silver chains and bracelets.
  • Thin contrast straps.
  • Delicate and romantic clutches or envelope bags.
  • Necklace with large stones of pastel or, contrast, contrasting tones.
  • Small earrings-carnations.


Some useful tips:

  1. If there is a coral in the kit, and you decide to add a print to it, then choose only one thing or one accessory with a pattern, not more. Otherwise, the image will look variegated, and the coral will simply “lose” and lose its sophistication.
  2. Remember that light shades of coral add volume (especially in the photo), so that owners of mouth-watering shapes should pay attention to darker saturated colors.
  3. Do not overdo it with accessories, they should not be too much.
  4. Correctly pick up makeup. The ideal option would be a gentle and natural make-up.

Wear coral-colored clothes with pleasure!

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