Wine Bottle Christmas Decoration - Hat and Scarf

Christmas decoration for a bottle of wine - hat and scarf  - a simple and original way to decorate a gift bottle of wine with your own hands, and a bottle of wine will be a great decoration for a festive table.

Materials and tools:

  1. white yarn
  2. red yarn
  3. knitting needles
  4. hook;
  5. scissors;
  6. Needles.

Step 1

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First, we'll tie the hat for the bottle.

Take the knitting needles and white yarn and put 15 loops on the knitting needles, knit 6 rows, then we tie a red yarn. We connect 6 rows, and then start to reduce each next row by one loop. When finished tying a knot on top, leave the end of the yarn. Take a needle, sell the yarn into it, fold the resulting billet in half and sew it along the seam.The cap is ready.

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