Why does the chest hurt during pregnancy?

Why does the chest hurt during pregnancy?Pregnancy is a unique condition, capable in a few minutes then to inspire a beautiful sex, then deliver any inconvenience. It is feasible for women to withstand the burdens and experiences that they have to feel during a particular state, but this does not mean that being in a position requires you to have male patience and clenched teeth. Each lady suffers a pregnancy in her own way, but there are many methods by which you can alleviate any manifestations of discomfort, given such troubles as chest pain.

Should chest aches during pregnancy?

So, you feel yourself very happy and feel how a new life is born within you. You do not understand why many complain of feeling unwell and envy men. You think that the male sex largely loses, for example, in the fact that they are not destined to feel all the subtleties of changes in the body and emotions that a woman is experiencing in the position.Unfortunately, for many, soon the euphoria period ends and is replaced by some problems that confuse and sometimes scare the future mother.
Why does the chest hurt during pregnancy?
A common theme that occurs among expectant mothers is chest pain. If the chest hurts during pregnancy - this is not a terrible pathology, but just a hormonal splash. From the first months of pregnancy, it acquires a more complete form, slightly increases and becomes heavier. This, as a rule, does not confuse the future mother and does not cause her inconvenience, most likely, on the contrary, gives reason to rejoice.
But closer to the second or third trimester, the bust can grow rapidly, which can affect the appearance of pain. The answer to the question of when the breast starts to hurt during pregnancy is very vague. Pain in the mammary gland can manifest from the first days of conception, and then disappear. You can feel it already in the third trimester and before the birth itself. It can be short or long, be felt only when pressed, touched, or accompany you always.
Why does the chest hurt during pregnancy?
Some during pregnancy do not feel any discomfort, and others even drink painkillers.What is the reason? It's all about the hormones that the woman's body produces during an interesting situation, namely, it concerns progesterone. It is this hormone responsible for the favorable course of pregnancy and allows a woman to bear the child.
A lack of a hormone can trigger a miscarriage or a dead pregnancy in the early stages or cause premature birth in later terms. Its excess can manifest itself in appearance: dry skin, rash, hair growth on the face, abdomen, the appearance of cellulite, an increase and pain in the chest. If the chest hurts during pregnancy - this is more the norm than the deviation.

How does chest hurt pregnant women?

We found that the chest starts to hurt at different times. This is a fairly common, common feature in women in the position. But it is necessary to distinguish hormonal pain from abnormal pain. When pregnant breasts hurt, you should undergo a medical examination to rule out any pathology of the mammary glands.
Why does the chest hurt during pregnancy?
Often under breast pain during pregnancy can be mastopathy, various tumors and even heart disease. Normal during pregnancy is a feeling of heaviness, swelling of the mammary glands, the absence of glandular seals.It is inconvenient for you to sleep on the stomach, on the side, on the chest, a venous mesh may appear - all these are normal phenomena that occur in the process of gradual production of milk from the expectant mother.
Do not panic if you notice any changes in the body during pregnancy. Your body is rebuilt to the distribution of nutrients for two, so many phenomena are considered normal for expectant mothers. If you experience severe long-term pain, consult a doctor to rule out pathology.

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