Why did our grandmothers dried freshly washed clothes in the cold?

  • Galina Nikolaevna

    Yeah, exactly! There were no automatic machines, and except on the street, there was nowhere to hang out the laundry, it dripped from it! That's the whole truth. And what smelled of frost is yes.

  • Anonymous

    bakterii nie gibnut ot temperatury -

  • Irina

    Drying clothes in the dryer. Here, exactly, with the hot air all the bacteria are destroyed, all the dust, epithelium remains, animal hair ... is removed. Yes, and allergies do not torment. Damp in the bathroom gone. Drying hour and 7 kg of linen are dry and clean.

  • Marina

    There were cars with vyzhimny rollers, so whoever washed in the machine did not drip anything

  • Valentine

    Always dry in the winter underwear on the balcony, the smell is unique! Fortunately, we have winter 9 months.

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