Why look expensive is no longer cool?

A designer dress, sparkling shoes, a giant necklace, an expensive bag in the frame — the girl exposes a leg from the car, and a beautiful male model gives her hand. Familiar story? Remember, before every second magazine advertisement looked like this, and the glossy pages smelled so luxurious and provoked an enthusiastic shiver in your fingers, as if you, like Alice in Wonderland, now fall into another, much more beautiful reality.

Since then, years have passed, and glossy magazines are struggling to maintain this tale about the beautiful princess afloat. Like, we all need the retro-talented Charlotte Olympia x Globe-Trotter marked "for jetsetters" and categorically "without them, this season's fashionable journey is impossible." Oh well! At the end of the article, however, it is clarified that the suitcases in “leopards” are sold only in selected brand boutiques, which means that they may not appear near your house. The favorites are chosen for the chosen ones - Russian glossy magazines still believe in it and continue to list them in the same spirit, without which you will not be happy in this world.Without a hammock bag (yes, they also invented such a model!), Without perforated shoes (“for the main fashionista in the office”) and raver boots and sneakers.

"Heavy luxury" shone on the wave of the growing epidemic consumerism in the 2000s, and then he took and failed the test of real life. But the luxury has its own small “ghetto” on Instagram - this is where nymphs with extended nails and branded handbags are heaped, and with them illegal shops with fakes. With the advent of social networks and blogs, magazines with their “heavy luxury” somehow went off to one side or another. Nobody forbade them, did not blaspheme, but we are ready to argue: many simply added new interesting online media to their bookmarks, and the magazines were already closed, if only because they were tired of browsing through a hundred pages of advertising. And along with the gloss, the feeling of a miracle from the whole world of furs, satin dresses and diamond necklaces has disappeared - these are all before you live and without embellishment, first in Instagram Stories, and then in online stores in the amount of hundreds of inexpensive alternatives.

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Even the annual week of high fashion has suddenly become fresh and very few people are interested.Well, yes, dresses, very beautiful dresses, as if from the Victoria and Albert Museum, to which a personal chauffeur with a big car should be attached, if not a personal plane. We looked, smiled and forgot. But where to wear it all, if you live 24/7 in the rhythm of a classic city woman, who is not invited either to the balls of the offspring of the oligarchs, or even to the presentation of the pathetic theater awards. Handsomely? Yes! Is it applicable in reality and is it worthy of letting enthusiastic sobs on this issue? Well, I do not!

No, fashion itself has not disappeared anywhere, as well as trends and people inventing them, but it has spread, like a spray of good perfume, to everything around. And replicated before finally becoming honestly available (and not like Vogue, when ballet costing 650 euros is a "profitable investment", and jewelry for 1,500 euros is a "democratic collection") and honest street , since what we see on the catwalks at Vetements, Off White and others, reminds not just the style of an ordinary citizen, but even a citizen from a disadvantaged area.

Magazines no longer sell us the myth that you lay out a sum with four zeros for a Hermes bag and a miracle happens, buy yourself a new model of Dior sunglasses and open your skies, put on a red lace dress by Valentino and instantly find your prince.The people saw enough, “fed up” with the suite, someone even really laid out if not all, so half the salary for the “desired must have” and realized that nothing happened next. Yes, leather shoes from the Italian brand with a century of history are much more pleasant to the feet of creation than polyurethane pumps on giant heels from Topshop, but in reality this promised “feel like a queen” does not work automatically after emptying the credit card, and if it does, then Other, non-material factors - mood, hormones, love, a good day in the end, obviously play a role in this.

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"Heavy luxury" has fallen and continues to fall, if you look at the next generation of fashionistas. They are no longer interested in looking for idols; they do not pray for a single fashion house and finally, like the first generation, which grew up in a desperate consumerism and store variety, they do not hunt with burning eyes for nothing — not for trends, nor for limited collections, neither for "antiquities" of the second-hand, nor for the ascending designer stars.Well, it's true who now believes all these promoters of luxury life after a sweatshirt with Kate and Leo from our childhood sell for 700 euros (and American Vogue calls it "it-purchase"), and every second brand shows in the fashion week every year what is already a couple of decades hanging in the closet of your mom.

Do you think that in the near future the industry will respond to fed-up, boring faces of buyers? Without a doubt, it will rush even deeper somewhere to the East, where someone still believes that fashion and dream are synonymous. And we will admit that the last idea that this industry could sell us profitable was the normcor. And after it you can already close the whole topic with “buy” and “throw it away”, because if nothing is in fashion, then fashion itself is also an empty space.

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