Why did everyone around suddenly get mad on the plastic? We ask psychologists

Today is about the same. Only not with variegated leggings ... Artificial beauty is rapidly replacing the natural - long hairs extended, tiny nose after rhinoplasty, silicone breasts, stretched face, fillers in cheekbones, pumped lips, extended eyelashes, pop-nut, very thin legs. No - wrinkles! No - old age!

I came across an interesting note. It turns out that today the demand for plastic surgery in Moscow, for example, is much higher than in Paris, Berlin or Rome. And as if Russian women who are over 40, in Europe can be seen from afar. All redrawn. With big lips, a tan “grilled chicken”, thin legs, high-heeled shoes, with a brand bag and very expensive in a fur coat. On a strained face, pinned by a boktek, there is not a single wrinkle. There is a purse from Louis Vuitton, often a little dog fuck knows for how much, but there is no respect for his age. In Moscow, the mass of expensive places, where go here are the same people.It seems that without pumped up lips there are not allowed. All the ladies like a carbon copy. Note. Beauty becomes the same. Being beautiful today means being like everyone else.

Why did everyone around suddenly get mad on the plastic? We ask psychologists

Advertisement everywhere. From all sides we are told: “Change your appearance! Become beautiful! If injections! Get under the knife! Spend money! Waste! Waste! Waste! Swing lips! Swing your ass. See how popular on social networks pages cosmetologists and surgeons. Insolently, we enter into our services, they say that the natural beauty given to us by nature is not ice! And we, like a flock of sheep, believe in all this nonsense! Our face, similar to our father and mother dear to us, a person with live facial expressions, traces of experience, visible traces of our unique life, we give to the butcher who erases everything ... Erases experience, individuality, uniqueness. Turns us into a freak, into a fool, running away from age, from what is impossible to escape from. And what is most interesting is that reshaped ladies with strained faces consider themselves attractive. They seriously believe that they deceived the age and those around them. They are sure that they look good.

But if the plastic surgeon's hand is noticeable on the woman’s face with the naked eye, this is a pitiful sight. And this is terrible.And the question arises: “What is in the minds of these women? Do they not see themselves from the side? Can't give an adequate assessment of their behavior? ”I think all this“ sewing ”is not from a great mind, but from the emptiness of the spiritual world. From the inability and unwillingness to accept old age, from inadequate perception of oneself and from the complete lack of a sense of taste. When a woman in years aggressively "young", sorry, this is pathetic. The promotion of plastic surgery services is a business and lobbying the interests of certain groups. Often, when a surgeon tells you at a consultation, “It would be good, in addition to the otoplasty that you really need, to reduce your nose or make your chest,” this is pure divorce for money! Of course, there are flaws with which it is difficult for a person to live, and with the help of plastic surgery they can be eliminated, then why not? This is another thing! But when a woman with a normal appearance reshapes herself ...

Why did everyone around suddenly get mad on the plastic? We ask psychologists

The culture of beauty today has become a cult of beauty. What is the same Instagram. Millions of subscribers of a famous blogger are running to buy goods about which she writes "not advertising", but she is paid a lot of money for this ad.How can you be so naive and be led to any nonsense? To love and respect yourself is to accept your age. Take your wrinkles. Learn to look good according to your age. No other way. To appreciate originality, individuality. Own life. Look at yourself soberly. And accept the fact that time flies inexorably. And so many important things need to have time ...

Your questions:

Angelina, 32 years old, Moscow

Two years ago, I had breast augmentation surgery. A year ago - rhinoplasty. Half a year ago - lips and fillers in cheekbones, Botox in face skin and hair. Mom said I looked like a doll and played too much. I was very offended at her for such words. But in fact, it starts to seem to me that plastic and cosmetology have become like a drug to me. I can not stop ... I want to do some more plastic surgery.

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