Why in Omsk fell chemical "snow"

Strange white powder locals saw for the first time. According to them, the substance was not like ordinary snow - it did not melt under the warm sunshine. The chemical “snow” was littered with a thin layer of sidewalks, playgrounds, cars, window sills of apartments, where the windows were left open at night. The Omsk citizens were afraid to let their children go outside and called the Ministry of Emergency Situations.
The specialists who came along with Rosprirodnadzor took samples of an unknown substance to conduct the study and, just in case, recommended to Omsk people to temporarily refrain from walking, outdoor sports activities, and also urged people to keep the windows closed. Initially, the suspicion fell on the local CHP, located nearby, but the powder did not look like ash.
At the Omsk Scientific Center of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a sample was taken and found that the chemical “snow” consists of aluminum, silicon, and oxygen, forming aluminosilicate. Minor metal inclusions were also found.The precipitated substance is not toxic and does not pose a threat to the inhabitants of Omsk.
Aluminosilicates are used in many industries, but may also be of natural origin. So far, the culprit of the "snow" in August was not found. Experts suggest that the emission into the atmosphere occurred as a result of a violation of technological regimes at one of the enterprises, of which there are quite a lot around the city.

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