Why does cabbage have purple leaves

You will need
  • - phosphate fertilizer;
  • - covering material;
  • - colloidal sulfur.
In most cases, cabbage leaves get a purple hue due to lack of phosphorus. At the first stages only streaks become violet, further - more, the central parts of the leaves become purple, while the edges turn yellow and die.
Only one way out - to feed the culture with phosphate fertilizer. For this purpose, you can use superphosphate or self-made organic fertilizer based on manure, litter or other things. It is worth noting that cabbage for normal development requires little phosphorus, but its deficiency can destroy the culture, therefore the introduction of this mineral should occur on time. It is believed that the introduction of 3-5 kg ​​of manure per square meter of soil every four years provides cabbage in phosphorus (with the annual cultivation of the culture on this bed) by 100%.
Becoming cabbage leaves may be due to stress.Quite often you can see cabbage seedlings after transplanting plants to a permanent place, which is half lilac. There is nothing terrible in it, such seedlings are usually restored on their own within 2-3 weeks and get the green color so familiar to us.
Adult plants more often turn violet from hypothermia. In this case, it will help to harbor culture with special materials - spunbond.
Damage to the root system of fungal diseases also often affects the color of the foliage. Especially often it can be seen with the defeat of cabbage "black leg". Naturally, if the culture is sick, then it will not be possible to save it, there is only one way out - to destroy the plant, but to save the rest of the seedlings it is necessary to treat the bed with colloidal sulfur, spreading about 10 grams of the substance in a bucket of water.

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