Why does a person hiccup, yawn and sneeze?

Why does a person hiccup, yawn and sneeze

Why does a person hiccup, yawn and sneeze

Every person has encountered hiccups in his life, which is why there is no need to explain what she is. It is clear that this process can hardly be called pleasant, and sometimes it can even be annoying. In recent years, scientists have decided to seriously approach the issue of hiccups, as well as what makes people yawn and sneeze, giving useful advice. When the corresponding studies were conducted, the scientists made quite unexpected conclusions for themselves. It turned out that hiccups, sneezing and yawning, have only beneficial effects on the human body.


Why does a man hiccup?



Science has long proven that hiccups are an immediate process that releases the body from the load of the so-called, wandering nerve, and also relieves it of unnecessary activity.


This nerve serves to connect the central nervous system with most of the human internal organs. And he passes into the abdominal region of the chest, closely adjacent to the esophagus.Further, along with the esophagus, the nerve passes through a small hole located in the diaphragm. The diaphragm is a septum that separates the chest from the abdominal cavity, which consists directly of the tendons and muscles.


It is this small hole in the diaphragm that can be considered the place where hiccups originate. If a person tries to eat quickly, swallowing food in large chunks and not chewing on it, it injures the esophagus, along with which the vagus nerve is damaged. This nerve, in turn, begins to irritate and cuddle. It is also worth considering the fact that this nerve is often injured when overeating, frightening, during an uncomfortable position of the body and its hypothermia (this process is often found in young children).


Such moments and cause the body to feel uncomfortable, because of what he is trying to lose excess weight, which leads to hiccups. Treats these processes directly, the human body itself, in which he helps and hiccups. Since a rapidly contracting nerve can have a detrimental effect on the functionality of most internal organs, our body immediately begins to react to this,signaling to the central nervous system, which, in turn, engages the diaphragm nerve, which is responsible for reducing the human diaphragm.


It is for this reason that the nerve of the diaphragm begins to actively pulsate, so that the diaphragm itself contracts, making it a sharp and powerful movement. This process we call a hiccup, which is sometimes accompanied by a sound that appears due to the fact that the voice gap closes very quickly. In addition, hiccups are an involuntary reflex that is not subject to control by the person.


If you are unable to quickly get rid of hiccups, or it occurs very often, then you should visit a doctor. After all, hiccups can also be a sign of all kinds of disorders, both in terms of the psyche and physiology. For example, hiccups sometimes serve as a sign of myocardial infarction, gastritis, and various tumors in the esophagus or neck. Proceeding from this, if it seems to you that the hiccups are abnormal, you need to consult a doctor, which definitely does not hurt. And you thought why a person hiccups?


How to get rid of hiccups?



There are several ways to help get rid of hiccups.You need to stretch, take a few deep breaths or hold your breath during a sigh. You can also drink water in small sips. These methods are considered the most effective in combating hiccups.


Why is a man yawning?



Why is a man yawningYawning is a complex and unexplored phenomenon. To date, it has been proven that yawning has a direct connection with lack of sleep or fatigue. However, the person who does not want to sleep can yawn. Do not forget that almost all animals are also yawning. Even babies can yawn while in the womb.


It often happens that people who are in a stressful situation, also overcomes a yawn. With its help, the brain rests, relaxes, the airways begin to expand, and a large amount of oxygen enters the body, which is not the case with ordinary breathing.


In addition, a person may yawn in a poorly ventilated room, as well as in rooms with low oxygen concentrations.


Thanks to yawning, psychological stress and tension are removed, and also prevention of a large number of diseases is carried out. Based on this, it is not necessary to deal with this phenomenon.


We also note that during a series of studies conducted by a group of scientists, it was possible to establish another reason for the appearance of a yawn. And it is in the overheating of the brain.


After conducting a study on budgerigars, they concluded that when the human brain “boils up”, it begins to yawn. This physiological process can be compared with the start of operation of a fan that cools a hot computer processor.


The brain works much better in a cooled state. That yawn, in turn, is the physiological device that helps the brain to cool.


As a result, it turned out the true reason that yawning after sleep helps the brain to "shake up", which is why it is sometimes considered a symptom of the disease. Plus, it became clear why a person starts yawning while cooling his forehead or breathing frequently through his nose.


Yawning is often associated with fatigue. For example, a person got tired and wanted to sleep, in this situation his brain begins to heat up, like the blood flowing through it. If a person’s face is surrounded by cool air, instead of a yawn, you can take a deep breath and exhale, so that the blood rushing to your face will cool down, like the brain itself.


Plus, frequent yawning is sometimes a symptom of multiple sclerosis, and can also precede seizures in epileptics and people suffering from migraines. Speaks about the problem associated with adjusting the temperature of the brain, and obsessive yawning. This means that doctors need to be very attentive to monitor the patient complaining about the frequent unfounded yawn. And you thought why a man is yawning?


Why does a man sneeze?



Why does a man sneezeIf we talk about sneezing, then with none is much simpler. Professionals used to call sneezing sneezing reflex, present not only in humans, but also in most animals.


People sneeze for the reason that they need to get rid of the smallest particles of all kinds of substances in the nose. After all, they affect the ease of breathing, as well as irritate the nasal mucosa.


Thanks to sneezing, the sinuses and nose are cleaned and they begin to be enriched with oxygen in the cells of the body.


If we consider each of the stages of the sneezing process, the following will be simply obvious: first, a tickling begins in a person’s nose, caused by any of the irritants of the mucous membrane (dust, finger, perfume particles, etc.). After that, the brain signals that this irritant needs to be removed.The person inhales deeply, after which a sharp and powerful exhalation of the nose occurs.


At the same time, the tongue is pressed against the sky, because of which the air in the mouth cavity of the lungs stops getting air. Then the air flies out through the nasopharynx. The flight distance is less than three meters, and the speed is from 120 to 130 meters per second. During sneezing, the whole body is incredibly strained.


Further, the airways are released from the irritant, and the person has the opportunity to breathe easily.


If you sneeze very often, no matter where - at home or at work, this means that the room has not been aired for a long time. In addition, there is the possibility that there is some irritant or allergen near it, because of which sneezing occurs.

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