Why do you burn with sunscreen?

Have you ever been convinced that your sunscreen is not working properly, even if the SPF level is selected according to the weather and climate and you regularly update the layer of products on the face and body? Researches of experts of the Washington Institute show that sometimes the effect of sunscreen cosmetics weaken such unobvious reasons as taking certain medications, as well as eating habits - preferred food and drinks. These factors can increase sensitivity to the sun and even cause toxic and allergic reactions to UV light.

What is in the black list before going to the beach?

Medications used to treat acne - acne, antihistamines (used in the treatment of allergies) and some types of antibiotics (it is useful to read the instructions for the drugs taken and / or consult with your doctor).

Celery, citrus and alcohol also make the skin more vulnerable and sunscreens weaker before exposure to ultraviolet radiation.


Alcohol, however, is contraindicated to the skin under the sun and externally: remember that it is undesirable to use alcohol-containing deodorants, toilet water, tonic, if you plan to swim and sunbathe?

Dr. Rebecca Kazin, one of the authors of the study, also recalls the simple rules for a healthy tan:

- make sure that your sunscreen has not expired (ideally, in general, buy new cosmetics for tanning every sunny season, since by the end of use in spray, cream, oil and other care products the number of sunscreen filters is reduced)

- not all sunscreens are equally effective: ingredients such as zinc, titanium, Mexoryl or Helioplex must be part of a quality product

- allow sunscreen to soak into the skin and start working - apply it 20-30 minutes before going outside.

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