Why do we need more male nudity in movies, videos and TV shows?

In the film industry there is such an English-speaking term sexposition - this is an episode of a series or film in which the development of events is explained by the nakedness of the characters or directly by the sexual scene. A lot of examples of dashing sexposition can be found in the popular game “Game of Thrones”, in which the creators, in principle, do not hesitate to speculate with sex and nudity to the extent that some even call this saga the most vulgar serial project of our time. But what an interesting fact about the Game of Thrones fans have spotted: for all the seasons of the series, nude female bodies flash in the frame countless times, but the man’s nudity (not in the “beach”, but in the erotic sense of the word) appears then three times. And what three times - such that the second two with the completely naked Theon Greyjoy and Hodor in the frame discussed the entire Internet, and the first was missed by for lack of sexual content, because it was a penalty scene.One of the actresses of the series, Natalie Dormer, called the television broadcasting policy the reason for the absence of male naked bodies in the Game of Thrones frame, and she’s absolutely right. so dangerous and shocking? If men are not stripped on the screen so that their heroes “preserve their dignity”, then why can the latter regularly lose all female heroines?

Why do we need more male nudity in movies, videos and TV shows?

All cases of male nudity on the screen can be literally counted on the fingers, because as soon as the precedent happens, all social networks begin to cheer on the topic, neatly supporting the notes with photos. Tom Hardy was completely naked on the set of the Taboo series, Charlie Hannam appeared naked in one of the Sons of Anarchy scenes, Keith Harington flashed his naked buttocks in the episode of Game of Thrones. By the way, the latter assured everyone later that he was ready to strip himself further, uttering a phrase that you usually hear from actresses: "If you act in a series in which there is a lot of sex and naked bodies, then be ready to undress."Only here the balance in the presence of naked bodies is not observed, and for one odious episode of male striptease there is a huge number of women.

It seems as though movies and TV shows do not want to accept one single obvious fact - absolutely everyone is exposed in everyday life. Before going to the shower, before going to bed, before having sex (hi to the series “Sex and the City,” where the heroes did not undress even in bed) - men as well as women

In reality, we are exposed in the very same moments as the opposite sex does, but on the screen men tend to be left dressed, and women are stripped easily and freely - and not according to the plot, but to please the viewer. The reason is that popular culture has taught us to objectify and sexualise the female body: naked or seductively dressed, it works as a bait to arouse desire and interest. This body exists as if separately from the person - as an object that is intended for a purpose, as if this body is not for itself, but for others. And these “others” are accustomed to reacting to the demonstrated female body, never remaining indifferent, to get excited if they are men, or to criticize if they are women (“In my opinion, she has no waist”).That is why in most advertisements you will encounter such female bodies that cater to this “other” - sexually emphasized (read, undressed) and ideal in its structure. And if a woman and her body are an object, then a man is always a subject, he is the “consumer” of this body.

Why do we need more male nudity in movies, videos and TV shows?

Stripping him, we reduce the man to the status of the object, discredit him and put bewilderment on the audience - those “others”. The men in front of the screen, where a naked representative of his own sex stands in full height, are afraid of their own reaction and immediately attribute this video content to representatives of sexual minorities (they say it’s not worthy of a normal peasant to look at naked guys in the TV), and women are lost because they are not used to seeing sexy male bodies provoking excitement and even less used to criticizing them, because male magazines do not put on the cover the headlines "How to lose weight by the summer" and "How to make your woman want you again" on the background of this photo GOVERNMENTAL unrecognizable male stars after the three plastic surgeries.

Female nudity through entertainment content turns into the norm, and men's - into a challenge, into a provocation, into a drama.

Remember all the cases of male nudity that you have seen lately, and think about what the idea behind sexposition is behind it. And you will come to the conclusion that a naked man on the screen is a fallen or humiliated hero (for example, a slave), a symbol of suffering and deprivation (a beggar) or an image of barbarian male power (to take the same Khal Droi), who fights for his life drops of blood (for example - Spartacus)

Female nudity is banal and decorative - what's in TV shows, what's in movies, what's in music videos, what's on Instagram (oh, well, Kim Kardashian can't do without it). She even had time to pall, including the fact that she always strives for perfection - even with the help of retouching, though with the help of the funny fact that in films even the heroine warriors look better than the average woman on Saturday morning.

Why do we need more male nudity in movies, videos and TV shows?

So, it is asked, why do we need naked men in the frame? First and foremost, the filmmakers, video clips, TV shows and commercials can see that there is a feminine look on the other side of the screen. And this look likes to watch pumped up torsos (and not only), biceps and gluteus muscles; they also want,for the storyline to throw a “caramel” to taste - a beautiful male body that rhythmically moves and harmoniously complements the character of the character (singer, warrior, poet - anyone).

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