Why do we need languages?

And really, why say that foreign languages ​​are necessary for obtaining prestigious work or traveling abroad without a dictionary, if many of us have to dream about that and about the other? It would seem that what is simpler: spend a year or two or three to master a language - and the dream will come true. However, one should not discount that in these few years it is necessary for someone to feed, clothe, shoe, and provide him with the means (sometimes considerable) for learning the language. Usually he does this himself, as far as possible.
So, everything depends on the personal desire of a person, led by career, status, intellectual and other goals? Not certainly in that way. In order to really know a foreign language, you need to learn to see the world in the way its natural carrier does. This, of course, can be partly helped today by the Internet, which provides an opportunity for virtual travel to virtually any country in the world and communicate with its residents.But in perfection - with the entire structure of thoughts and feelings - it is impossible to learn a single language of the world, especially not at school age.
There is only one way out - to start practicing languages ​​with the child almost from the cradle. And for this, it is also necessary for adults to understand that languages ​​are needed both to obtain information from the original source, which cannot be done in the modern world, and to improve communication skills and the development of intellectual abilities. But parents — like millions and billions of parents around the world — are concerned only with their daily bread. Forgetting sometimes that a high level of intellectual development is no less important. At least in order to increase the welfare of the family in the near future.

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