Why do even the strongest marriages fall apart?

There are things that are difficult to understand and accept. Especially when it comes to a close friend, whose husband removes prostitutes in the bath. And all attempts to find any explanation for his misdeeds - for example, weakness (“Well, stumbled, got drunk, with whom it doesn’t happen”), fail. The phrase "All men change" does not tell me anything. This is a consolation for the weak, for those who have never been fortunate enough to meet a real family man. So shrill comments drop it. Better advise what to do the heroine, which will be discussed now ...

He and her husband are around 30. She is on maternity leave with two young children. Not running. Looks good. Slender, beautiful, interesting. He always seemed perfect to me. In humans, blows dust particles from his wife and children. Only the “beloved one” refers to the spouse. I even cited his husband as an example: they say, look, what a reverent attitude! His job is highly paid (but they have not yet saved up an apartment, they live on a rented one).In general, from the side of the relationship in this family seemed strong and real. I did not pay attention to the complaints of a friend (“He does not put me in anything! ..”). Until her “ideal husband” found himself with a large suitcase on my doorstep. Like a bolt from the blue.

- What happened?

- We get divorced! Can I stay with you for a week? - asked the "perfect" husband of my girlfriend.

It was then that we realized that everything in this family is not as rosy as it seemed to us ...

And that's what happened. Just like in a cheap TV series. She cheated on him right in their house when the children were with the grandmother and the spouse at work. Brought a gentleman and straight into their bed ... He found out

And with anger, he confessed to her in all his mortal sins: that he was with prostitutes in the bathhouse and twisted the affair with a colleague. It turns out that she knew about his treason for a long time, so she allowed herself that allowed. Spite. Of course, she did not have one hundred percent proof, but arrivals home in the morning, sms of strange content in his phone, an indifferent attitude ...

Why do even the strongest marriages fall apart?

Three days after they came to our house with a suitcase, they flew to Bali for holidays together !!! Prior to that, he did not give his wife such expensive gifts. We are at a loss! How can you come together after all this? How can she allow him to touch, and he - go to the very bed where there was a stranger? My head does not fit.In general, this couple is together again. And on the weekend they visited us. All the evening they cooed like doves. “Beloved,” “beloved” ... I asked her about two things: “Why did you cheat on him?” And “How could you forgive his betrayal?” Attention! The answer to the first question: “That man was the only one who gave me warmth, looked with adoration. With him, I again felt beautiful. I felt that I was worth something. It warmed my soul. " The answer to the second question was: “When I was eight years old, my own mother left me. There can be no more terrible betrayal. I already do not take anything to heart. And I do not believe in what could be better. We have two kids". And then I saw a broken fragile girl who no longer believes in good, in love, in the family. And my heart began to ache ... Honor ...! At that moment I hated her "ideal" husband. He betrayed her just as his own mother had once betrayed. And from this he seems to me even more scum. Of course she's good too! I do not know how long they are together. And anyway, are they really “together” or is it just hypocrisy. And their children are really wonderful. And their family feel sorry for the pain ...

Why do even the strongest marriages fall apart?

In general, this story does not go out of my head.First, because I didn’t expect anything like that from this pair. Secondly, something more disgusting is hard to imagine. And this is the question that torments me ... After all, they once loved each other, appreciated. I remember their acquaintance, their romance, their wedding. By the way, at the wedding he was on a white horse ... He called her a princess. I saw tears of happiness in their eyes as they exchanged rings. And I wonder where all this magic in the relationship went? Why do even the most seemingly happy couples break up so often today?

Psychologist Daria Reymarova laid out to me everything on the shelves.

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