Who is the registered phone number?

Is it possible to find out to whom the phone number is registered? Such a need may arise if there is a SIM card registered for one of the relatives, but no one already remembers who it is for. Or there is a phone number, but it is unknown to whom it belongs, and to call and ask: “Who are you?” Is also not a reason.

Setting the mobile number

Of course, it is possible, but it is not easy to do. Each mobile communications company has a subscriber base with full installation information (for example, passport numbers).

The difficulty lies in the fact that this information is strictly confidential, and it can be obtained only through the court, by a request of law enforcement agencies or a subscriber, but only if it concerns calls made from his cell phone.

The base of cellular subscribers - information is closed. Of course, you can find such a base in CD-DVD stores. But the information found will most likely be outdated. In addition, it is worth noting that the SIM card whose number you want to find may be, for example, a gift, etc. This means registered for another, outsider.All the information about the owner of the phone number you will be able to acquire the database of the cellular operator. This database can be obtained in the market, in the subway and even the Internet. The cheapest and most convenient way is to purchase a base via the Internet. You can pay through a web wallet or by sending an SMS from your cell phone.

Download the Mobile Operator utility for free via the Internet. This application does not need to be installed on the computer. Just run the program, enter the phone number of the desired subscriber and you will learn a brief information about the cellular company, date of registration of the number and the area where the registration took place. Most likely, this information is enough.

If you have a SIM card in your hands, but you do not remember who its rightful owner is (to whom it is registered), then you can get hold of information using your personal account. Beeline company at the entrance to the LC asks to enter a phone number and password (you can find it using the recovery system by sending an SMS to the desired number). In the LC, the information provided by the subscriber for entering into an agreement is available: name, address, etc.

Stationary number search

The Internet will also help you find the desired landline phone number. You will have to download an electronic telephone directory and install it on your computer. After installing the program, you only need to enter the name and address of the desired subscriber - information about his home number will be issued by the program. Or enter a phone number, and the program will give information about its owner. More precisely, about who he is registered to, which is not always the same person. If you have a policeman as a friend, then you are very lucky.

A law enforcement officer has the full right to find out for whom the telephone number is registered, full information about the user, when submitting an official request. It is important to remember that even the police officer will need to bring substantial arguments to obtain such information.

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