Which side to put the nori?

Kira Dobrovolskaya
Kira Dobrovolskaya
February 6, 2013
Which side to put the nori?

Cooking new dishes always delivers small difficulties, because there are many questions in connection with the new recipe. For example, before you understand how to put nori, you need to understand what it is, as well as how it is made and where it is used. The process of making nori can be compared to the paper making process. To begin with, small sheets of seaweed are cleaned, crushed, and then pressed. As a result, a thin sheet of dark-green nori is obtained in which the rolls are wrapped.

How to put a nori

So, it is worth remembering that the sheet nori is an ingredient that is used to make rolls. In addition, it is used as a side dish or added to Japanese soups. It is on this sheet of seaweed that the whole filling is laid out. To roll turned out delicious, you need to be able to cook it correctly. The first thing laid out bamboo mat, which will form the roll itself. After that, on top of the rug laid out nori.Do not be afraid that this seaweed leaf is so fragile. After the rice is laid on it, the nori sheet will become softer and more durable.

Next, you need to put all the other ingredients in the correct sequence and gently wrap the roll, lifting one edge of the mat. After that, you can remove the bamboo mat to get a neat sushi strip. Now cut the rolls with a sharp knife in accordance with the standards of Japanese cuisine. It is important to moisten the knife in water after each cut so that the rice does not stick to it. As for the question of which side to put nori in order to properly prepare sushi, then you should not pay much attention to this moment. Although many people claim that putting a nori sheet should be a bright side down, in fact, there is almost no difference. It does not matter which side will be laid sheet, as this does not affect the taste of the dish. This is done only to give a lighter or darker sushi look. As a last resort, if in doubt, read the recommendations on the packaging. And if there is nothing said about the sides of the nori, then put the sheet as you like.

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