Which frames are best to order when glazing a balcony

Glazing the balcony will help isolate the room from the negative effects of moisture and protect it from street dust, but do not think that all balcony blocks are equally good - this is not true, because each material has its pros and cons. Let's see which frames are best to order when glazing a balcony, taking into account the requirements for the room and financial possibilities.

Balcony block material

Currently, glazing of balconies and loggias can be made from the following frame materials:

  1. Tree,
  2. PVC plastic profile,
  3. Aluminum.

Wooden blocks can hardly be called an anachronism, but in terms of popularity they are inferior to other structures and there are reasons for that. Yes, the tree has a low heat transfer, and it can create a more or less reliable barrier in the way of the cold, but when it comes into direct contact with humid air it grieves with a shorter operating life.In addition, wooden balcony blocks are not sliding, so on the balcony or loggia will not be able to optimally use the space.

Agree, with an average area of ​​3 m2 you want to use it to the maximum, and the opening doors of the frame will create a serious hindrance for this. If you still prefer the ecology of the tree, then when ordering a balcony block, give preference to hardwood or laminated timber, as they have the best performance characteristics.

Much more reliable and meet the requirements for the functionality of wooden windows that can be installed between the balcony and the room. These designs do not require sliding doors, and the large thickness of the window frame prevents it from deforming from moisture and temperature changes.

The balcony frame made of aluminum is considered the best option for old balconies, which have a low bearing capacity of the fence. Such a unit has a low weight and an acceptable price, is not susceptible to corrosion in the process of operation and can be serviced with competent service for up to 20 years.

Most aluminum frames have sliding doors and this is a clear plus design if you want to make the most of the balcony space.From the minuses of the aluminum construction, we will single out its low thermal insulation characteristics, so the material is not very good if you want to protect the room not only from damp and dust, but also from the cold.

PVC profile is the best option for a balcony frame, provided that the bearing capacity of the fence is high, since such a unit has considerable weight. The PVC construction with a built-in double-glazed window will protect both from the noise of the streets, and from the cold and from the dampness, while its flaps can be either sliding and classical hinged. Somewhat higher cost of such a unit is compensated for by its excellent parameters, and to save money, the owners are looking for a company that is selling or offering discounts.

Take into account our recommendations on the choice of balcony frames, and you will be able, with reasonable expenses, to install a frame with the characteristics that are optimal for your requirements.

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