Where to meet the future husband? We ask psychologists

Work on yourself

Psychologists knowingly say that until a woman decides with herself, she will not learn to be happy, she will not accept or love herself, she will not meet a man with whom he can build healthy relationships. She will attract those who will exacerbate her fears and insecurity. As soon as a woman learns to get a buzz from life, as soon as she becomes interested in being alone with herself, "not those" will stop attracting. Before you start a relationship, it is necessary, as they say, to fill the holes. Do not wait for him to do it. And do it yourself. Before his appearance. Then in your relationship there will be no unhealthy feeling of dependence, a patient of jealousy, unjustified expectations. But how to do that? It is necessary to learn how to spend time alone with oneself. Free your thoughts from a particular man. The thought of being unmarried should not frighten you. Realize in the profession. Make money. Travel. Evolve.Learn. Psychologists say that self-sufficient women do not want to get married. But these women are attracted to the "right" men. And personally, I don’t know of a single case when a woman specifically came to an institution with a specific goal - to get acquainted - and this acquaintance grew into something serious. The most important things in life are decided by chance.

And now your questions:

Olesya, 24, Moscow

Hello! For almost two months I have been chatting on the Internet with a young man. Sometimes he calls me on the phone: he jokes, compliments, talks about his affairs, consults with me on many issues. And it seems to me that I fell in love. But for some reason he avoids talking about a real meeting. And when I get it, translates the topic. In general, I do not understand this masculine logic! Is he afraid? What should I do? If you do not want to meet, why call? He asks if I came home, did I have supper? .. Once I put it before the fact: tomorrow at seven in the evening, there it was there and there. But he did not come. But then he called me several times and threw messages at me.

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