Where to listen to lectures on literature

Dmitry Bykov

Perhaps Dmitry Bykov is one of the most famous teachers of Russian literature today. He has a special look at the history of artistic literature and an obvious talent for teaching. His lectures are not only informative, but also interesting. Sometimes very categorical in his statements, he nevertheless does not repel listeners.

Live his lectures are not cheap, but on YouTube there are records. For example, his lectures on nineteenth-century Russian literature:

Or a series of lectures on the XX century:

You can enroll in Dmitry Bykov’s lectures on literature, which he spends in different cities of Russia. For example, May 15 in Moscowhe will tellabout Francis Scott Fitzgerald, the author of the world-famous novel "The Great Gatsby".

"Bibigon": lectures on the school curriculum

A whole playlist of lectures on Russian literature, which was filmed by the Kultura TV channel for its viewers-children. In an accessible language, boring lecturers tell about famous writers and their legendary works that have become classics.

Juliana Kaminska

Juliana Kaminskaya is an associate professor of the Department of the History of Foreign Literatures of the St. Petersburg State University, she is well versed in foreign literature and knows how to talk about it. Together with lektorium.tv, she created a full-fledged course of lectures, where you can not only listen to the analysis of individual works, but also learn interesting facts from the history of foreign literature. Kafka, Hesse, Camus, Sartre and many other masters of the artistic word became the heroes of her lectures.

Golden Pages of European Literature

That is the name of another project lektorium.tv. Lectures are conducted by Alexey Mashevsky, a Russian poet and literary critic. He talks about both Russian and foreign writers. The focus of his lectures included Gogol, Defoe, Byron and other classics.

"The game of beads" with Igor Volgin

The telecast "Playing beads" on the channel "Culture" is an interesting format for discussion, where literary critics and writers discuss classical literature. Her permanent host, Igor Volgin, is a professor at the Faculty of Journalism of the Moscow State University named after M. V. Lomonosov and an expert on Dostoevsky’s work.He invites interesting characters, so the discussion is always fun to follow.

Vladimir Nabokov

We could not miss in his review of Vladimir Nabokov, a famous Russian writer who lectured on literature in the United States in the middle of the 20th century. Having made a huge contribution to literary criticism, he was remembered for his unique vision of Russian literature. Listening to the audio book “Lectures on Russian Literature” is quite boring - try and get great pleasure.

First part

The second part

"Fight club"

In the educational center of the museum "Garage" in Moscow often lectures in various subjects. For example, April 15 and 22lectures will be heldand on the works of Umberto Eco and Franz Kafka.

Of course, this is not the whole list of events and lectures online that you can listen to in order to broaden your horizons in the field of literature. We wish you to find a lecturer who really likes it, and then you will receive not only knowledge, but also great pleasure.

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