Where to go in Uzbekistan

In Tashkent, visit the many mosques and mausoleums. You can spend all day on it. The most famous architectural monuments of the city are the “Mausoleum of Sheikh Zainudin”, “Madrasah Abdulkasim Sheikh”, “Madrasah Barakhan”, “Juma Mosque”, “Mausoleum of Caffol Shoshiy”.
In addition to religious institutions, you will surely be inspired by other sights of the capital of Uzbekistan: Central Square, Independence Square, the ancient city site of Minguriuk, the architectural and historical complex Sheihantaur, the city of Shashtepa.
There is a fundamentally different architecture in the city, for example, the building of the Romanov Palace, built at the end of the 19th century, or the Kaplan pharmacy, which appeared here in 1906. The architecture of the XIX-XX centuries is complemented by the buildings of the men's and women's gymnasiums, branches of the State Bank and the Union of Writers of Uzbekistan.
Go to Khiva. The most interesting sights of the city are the city walls and gates, which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.All the most significant sights of Khiva are located in the inner city of Ichan-Kala.
View the other ancient city of Uzbekistan, located near Khiva - Urgench. Here you will be interested in forts located in the district. For the convenience of travel you will need to take a taxi.
Visit one of the ancient cities of Uzbekistan - Bukhara. On the sightseeing of this city is worth spending at least three days. The main architectural ensembles of the city, which are worth a visit - "Chor-Minor", the fortress "Arc", the gate "Talipach". Many mosques (“Kalyan”, “Balyand”, “Kurpa”) and mausoleums (“Chashma Ayub”, “Saif ad-Din Bokharzi”) are worth seeing.
Visit one more interesting city of Uzbekistan, which definitely deserves your attention. This is Samarkand, which appeared in 742 BC. er The obligatory places to visit are the ensemble of the mausoleums “Shahi-Zinda” and the ensemble of three madrasahs on the “Registan” square. Other sights of the ancient city are the “Site of Afrasiab”, the remains of the Ulugbek observatory, the mausoleum “Gur Emir”, the mosque “Bibi Khanum”.
Take time to visit Tamerlan’s homeland, the city of Shahrisabz.The historic center of this city is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Places of interest to tourists: the ruins of the Timur Palace, the memorial complex “Dorut Tilavat”, the remains of the Timurid dynastic tomb.

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