Where to go abroad for winter vacations cheap

Where to go abroad for winter vacations cheapThe New Year is probably the most beloved and long-awaited holiday among the entire Russian-speaking population. If in America and Europe people in winter with great impatience await the appearance of Santa for Christmas, then our young children expect the miracle that Grandfather Frost will create for the New Year.


And adults can afford an unforgettable vacation in the New Year winter holidays. Many people prefer to celebrate New Year at home or in the circle of acquaintances and relatives, but why not let yourself rest on a winter vacation somewhere in Europe?


Undoubtedly, many vacation options abroad are good, but what if the budget is not so huge to celebrate your favorite holiday in the Seychelles or the Maldives? And yet you have the opportunity to go on an unforgettable adventure with your children! Today we will tell you about some budget places where you can have a great time.


Where to go on winter holidays for children?


1.First of all I want to tell you about such a wonderful country like Finland! It is in it are first-class resort places, created for both children and adults. What could be a better gift for your child, than to go with him to the homeland of Santa Claus himself!


A real fairy tale with a real wizard - your child will be delighted. But you will not be bored at all in Santa's homeland - in a place not far from the village of Rovaniemi, there will always be interesting entertainment for tourists: riding on sons, and ski resorts.

2. Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Croatia, and Hungary are another attractive countries where you can have a great time on children's winter holidays for a relatively small amount. Even students, as a rule, go to these countries, because getting to countries is not so long in time and inexpensive. Poland is famous for its wonderful ski resort Zakopane. Perhaps there are not as high mountains as in Switzerland or Austria, but you will definitely be delighted by the local beauty, low prices for products and services and excellent service.


3. Western Europe.Despite the apparent high cost of developed European countries, you always have the opportunity to plan a cheaper and better route: on the Internet there are a lot of profitable offers and actions from airlines, discounts on places in hotels, hostels and much more. As for the countries of Western Europe, the choice here is simply huge: Germany, Austria, Denmark, France, Belgium, Holland. World-famous Christmas markets in these countries will be remembered forever by you and your children.


4. We will recommend another country to lovers of alpine skiing, where you can have a wonderful rest, having a limited budget. It is about Andorra - a small country located between France and Spain. If you have much more money, you should look at the Italian or French resort sites.


5. If you can imagine the New Year without snow and beautiful spruce, then just fly the whole family to Thailand, China or Vietnam. Long beaches with a beautiful soft sand, swimming in the sea and swimming pools, exotic fruits and vegetables - all this you will get by going to one of the listed countries.


6Do not forget to also consider the opportunity to go to Paris or Prague in the pre-Christmas time. Children's winter holidays in one of these cities will be remembered by you for a long time.


Going to European countries, keep in mind that before traveling you need to issue a Schengen visa. Usually, having issued a Schengen visa to one of the countries of the European Union, you can easily then cross the border and travel to other countries of the Schengen agreement.

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