Where files are copied

If you need to copy the file, you just need to click on it with the right mouse button and select the "Copy" or "Cut" command. The file will be copied to the clipboard of the operating system, in which it will remain until you execute the paste command or try to copy other files or folders of the same extension.
The clipboard into which files get after copying is an intermediate storage of information. Its peculiarity is that the data can be copied simultaneously in several different formats. The first is the most informative format, followed by the descending information content. Usually, when pasting files from the clipboard, the format that is suitable for use in a particular application is used. For example, if you copied text data, they will appear when pasting documents into the editor, and images will appear already in a graphic editor, photo reviewer, etc.
Files can also be copied to removable media, such as CDs and DVDs, USB flash drives, disk drives, memory cards, etc. After connecting the device to your computer, perform the actions you already know: copy the file or folder and paste it into the media directory that will appear in “My Computer”. Try copying something to a CD or DVD by inserting the media into the drive. If you have Windows XP with SP3 or newer versions of MS Windows installed, you can simply open the disk folder through My Computer and copy the necessary files there. After that, select the function "Write files to disk" or "Start recording", depending on the version of the system, after which the process of writing files will begin immediately. If there is no such possibility in the system, use special programs for burning discs: CDBurnerXP, Free Disc Burner, Nero, etc.
You can copy files into the body of Microsoft Office documents. In this case, in the open document, select the "Insert" section, then "Object", then select the appropriate file type and open it. As soon as you specify the path to the required data, the file name and a link to it will appear in the body of the document.Some other applications work in a similar way: music players and editors, video players, image reviewers, etc. The possibility of sending files to the body of the application is usually written on the main screen of the program.
You can copy the file to the Internet. Certain sites have a special interface, thanks to which you can attach the necessary data, avoiding exhausting walking on various menus. For example, to send a file to other users on social networks, simply copy it into the text of the message.

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