Where can I go on vacation in January?

Winter is a great time for a pleasant and active holiday. A vacation at this time gives you the opportunity to choose from a variety of different options, and the holidays for schoolchildren and students allow you to go on holiday with your children. But immediately it is worth noting that prices this month increase significantly, so you need to either book in advance, or have the amount already prepared, which you are going to spend on a trip.

Beach holiday

Most tourists dream of escaping from a cold winter to warm lands, so they choose hot countries. In which of them to go?

In fact, those are few. The real summer weather with a temperature of + 30-35 degrees at this time happens in the resorts of India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. But for those who are not afraid of cool water, you can choose other options.

Canary Islands

The sea warms up to +21, and the air to +20. But this does not interfere with a comfortable rest on the beach and a beautiful even tan. In addition, many hotels have swimming pools with heated sea water, so you can always choose what you like.

Local attractions are sure to please - volcanoes, lagoons, and other natural beauties are already waiting for you.

Costa Rica

This is a paradise for those who are looking for an exotic holiday in January. Its shores are washed at once by two oceans - the Atlantic and Pacific. There is everything that I would like to see a true connoisseur of nature - volcanoes, dangerous jungles, mountains. There is not only one - operating enterprises, which is incredibly encouraging to the adherents of eco-recreation.


The country will meet you in January with excellent weather (+30 degrees) and warm sea (+30). The calendar at this time is replete with various holidays, so you definitely will not be bored. The festival of umbrellas awaits you in Chiang Mai, the exhibition of motorcycles in Bangkok, and in Pattaya you will only have time to wonder how quickly the celebrations change. On the festive and night markets, you can buy a lot of useful and beautiful things for a mere penny.

Ski resorts

Where to go to real fans of extreme sports and outdoor activities? Of course, in the mountains. Fans of ideal high-level routes and services choose for themselves France, Germany and Austria. Those who put comfortable stay on the first place should go to Italy, but Andorra beckons tourists from all over the world with its inexpensive prices and mild climate.In addition, in this "dwarf" state there is also a wonderful thermal complex Caldea, where you can not only relax, but also improve your health.

If your budget is rather modest, and you want to relax with the whole family, then you can go to conquer the Slovak or Polish Tatras. The mountains there are not so high and steep, but they will be pleased with reasonable prices and a warm welcome. The main tourist center of Poland is Zakopane, and Slovakia is Poprad.

The most economical option for a holiday abroad in January is Bulgaria. A big plus is the possibility of a good rest with children. Here, everything is provided for them: equipment for hire, children's tracks and experienced instructors, as well as training groups in which the child will be fun and interesting.

Real exotic

Those who want something exotic, and who are allowed to finance, you can consider rather unusual options, the most popular among which are Mexico, Peru, Kenya and Myanmar.


In Mexico in the afternoon the air warms up to +27 degrees on the coast of the Caribbean Sea, and the weather is quite suitable for a pleasant pastime. Here you can plunge into the study of the oldest historical monuments, stand on a surfboard and conquer the waves of the sea, or have a great time at the best discos in Acapulco.


The attractiveness of Peru is due primarily to the presence of many secrets and legends associated with the heritage of ancient civilizations. You are waiting for the temples of Machu Picchu, the oldest observatories and a rich ecosystem. In January in Peru summer. In mountainous and tropical regions this is just the rainy season, but the climate on the coast is quite comfortable, and even if it starts to rain, it will not take more than 2 hours.


The best time to go on holiday to Kenya is January, February and October. During these months, the weather is dry and hot, and the thermometer rises to +31 degrees. The white beaches of the Indian Ocean attract tourists from all over the world.

In addition, for the sophisticated tourist there is a unique opportunity to go on a real night safari and get acquainted with the wild nature in walking distance.


It remains virtually unexplored and, moreover, more interesting. Here you can relax alone, enjoying the pristine nature and pleasant silence, without the fussy tourists crowding around the next sights of architecture.

Myanmar has a cool climate season in January.But such he is by the standards of the state located in the south-east. And for our compatriot this is just the usual summer with a temperature regime of +28 degrees. Truly the perfect time to practice diving and explore the underwater world.

The main local drink is tea, but the inhabitants of the country generously add various spicy seasonings to it, therefore only the real extreme will risk trying it.

Holidays in January can be very diverse. Despite the cold, you can always find a cozy place in which your vacation will be comfortable and be sure to be remembered for bright moments.

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