When to sow cucumbers in 2018 according to the lunar calendar

It is believed that the optimal age of cucumber seedlings is about 27-30 days. At this time, seedlings need to land on a permanent place - in the ground, greenhouse or greenhouse. Therefore, when choosing the date of sowing seedlings, it is important to consider where in the future cucumbers will grow.

Sowing cucumbers in February 2018 on the lunar calendar

In February, they sow cucumbers for seedlings if it is possible to plant it in a heated greenhouse in about a month. The most successful days for sowing cucumbers on the lunar calendar:16-18, 21-22 and February 25-26.Planted in these terms, seedlings can be planted in a heated greenhouse20-21, as well as March 24-26according to the lunar calendar.

Sowing cucumbers in March 2018 on the lunar calendar

With the onset of the first spring month, they sow cucumbers, which will then grow in a greenhouse or an unheated greenhouse. According to the lunar calendar, in March 2018, cucumbers can be sown these days:20-21 and 24-26 numbers.

Sowing cucumbers in April 2018 on the lunar calendar

In April, you can sow cucumbers, which will later be planted in open ground. The most favorable days for this in April:27 and 28 number.

Sowing cucumbers in May 2018 on the lunar calendar

In May, the sowing of cucumber seeds is carried out directly in the ground, provided that the soil is well warmed.

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