When is it better to go to the UK

Despite the northern location, the UK can offer tourists a beach holiday, chic shopping, lots of entertainment and excursions. International festivals, concerts and sporting events are held all year round. Therefore, even in the rain and snowfall, guests of Foggy Albion will be able to organize a great vacation for themselves. Because of the Gulf Stream and the temperate climate, the weather in the UK is different from most northern states, so even in winter it is relatively warm. But in the amount of precipitation the United Kingdom is clearly doing well.


From the very beginning of December, all the streets of English cities and villages are decorated with Christmas attributes in anticipation of magic. itChristmas time with a taste of ginger cookies and mulled winecan leave in the memory of travelers the brightest moments, despite the lack of snow in the whole south of the country, including London.

But the rains and fogs at the beginning of winter are quite common, although this is rather the highlight of the UK, which gives it a special charm and color.The temperature is unlikely to drop below zero, so you can take walks through the picturesque streets of old London or suburban towns and enjoy the colorful glow of decorated shop windows, noisy pubs and the beginning of Christmas sales.

Even in the north of the country in Scotland, frost occurs only at night, and occasionally snow falls.Due to fogs, flights may be delayed or canceled.. If January threatens tourists only with precipitation and thick nebula, then in February it is better to refrain from traveling to the UK. Traveling around England can darken with rain and snow, as well as frosts, so it’s comfortable to see the sights of the northern kingdom.


In early spring, the climate of Great Britain can be called dry. The air temperature in the south of the country does not fall below 10 degrees. In the absence of precipitation, the humidity remains high, thereforemystic fog covers the streets, giving the old streets of London the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. Since April, nature blossoms, and thanks to comfortable temperatures of 14 degrees, familiarity with the culture and traditions of Great Britain becomes real.

In May, a trip to London should be accompanied by visits to parks that are immersed in lush greenery and flowers. Exactlytourist season opens from the end of Mayin the united kingdom. Regions by the sea remain under the authority of the winds, so do not forget about warm, closed clothes. Spring gives all visitors to the country a lot of bright festivals and holidays.


In the summer holidays in the UK can offer tourists a lot of entertainment. The windless weather, the temperature of 20 degrees and warm nights will allow you to walk around the clock in light clothes without any discomfort. The flow of travelers has not yet reached its maximum, so visiting the sights of Great Britain is doubly pleasant.

In June, allTennis fans awaits the famous Wimbledon tournament. In the middle of summer, sales start at 50-70% discounts, so July is the time for shopping tours to the UK. By August, the sea in England is warming to 18–20 degrees both in the south and in the north, so the most courageous tourists can open the beach season together with the locals. Because of the tides, swimming can be dangerous, so you should not choose wild beaches.

By the end of the summer, the humidity drops and it becomes easier to breathe. In major cities seek foreign students, and thesefootball fans come to the opening of the season of games. The annual Beer Festival is held in Peterborough, so in England it’s not a dream in the summer.


The beginning of autumn immediately makes itself known by rainy weather, the trees become crimson red and golden hue, and the main stream of tourists returns home. At this time, the UK is the perfect corner for a quiet, contemplative holiday.September tours are especially attractive., as it is still quite warm at night, although the temperature does not rise above 20 degrees.

Tours to England in October open to touristsfabulous image of England from the legends of the DruidsKing Arthur and the magical tales of harry potter. Thick fogs and rains envelop the stone cities, giving them the spirit of magic, and Gothic architecture adds to the appearance of melancholicity. Temperatures do not exceed 15 degrees, and strong storms begin to rage in the sea. Therefore, to travel is better to choose the center of the UK.

The end of autumn presents the first surprises in the form of sleet with rain and hurricanes, so the best vacation spot in England in November is pubs and museums.Already in November, the temperature drops to 9 degrees, although this does not stop the British and tourists ingrand celebration of halloween.

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