What will be the pension for housewives

A retirement pension may be assigned to a woman, even if she has devoted most of her adult life to taking care of the family. However, only in the case when she has the minimum work experience necessary for this - more than 5 years. A housewife can receive this pension upon reaching the age of 55 years. Taking into account the fact that the work and insurance experience, which has been taken into account since 2002, includes periods provided for the care of children until they reach one and a half years, it will take only 2 years to work in the production of the one that raised two children, and at least 1 day. It should be noted that such a "childish" experience, according to the law, in the amount is limited to 5 years. The size of the labor pension in this case will depend on how much the woman earned. That is, on how much her employer transferred contributions to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, but, as a rule, the amount of such pension payments is small and equals the minimum, “basic” pension, which currently does not exceed 4 thousand rubles.
But even in the case when a woman did not work a single day, she still needs her pension.True, from 60 years old, and not labor, but social, the size of which directly depends on the subsistence minimum for pensioners established in your region. The amount of social pension indexed each year consists of the pension itself and the social supplement introduced in 2010, which allows for the minimum amount of money needed for the pensioner to survive.
In both cases, the pension will be very small, so now the state has enabled housewives who have two or more children in charge to open a personal account in the Pension Fund and transfer part of the maternity capital received after the birth of the second baby However, in this case there are restrictions - the year of birth of children must be from 2007 to 2016, this period limits the effect of the law on maternity capital.
Only those housewives who permanently reside in the territory of the Russian Federation have the right to a social old-age pension. In the event that you leave for permanent residence abroad, it, unlike the labor pension, you will not be charged or paid.
Helpful advice
Economists advise women housewives to responsibly take care of their future and increase their pension capital by signing an agreement with a non-state pension fund. In this case, you can pay the monthly amount allocated from the earnings of your spouse.

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