What to wear with leggings

If you have a slim figure, you can combine leggings with anything. It can be a short tunic, straight one-piece dress and even shorts. But the main thing - keep the unity of style in the ensemble.
If your hips are plump, an excellent pair for leggings will make an elongated blouse. The leggings, complemented by a long jacket or dress to mid-thigh, will also look great. But do not forget about the compatibility of textures, colors.
Leggings that have a print, it is better to wear with a completely uniform top. For example, a tunic of white or black color will approach the tights with an animal print. And monochrome tights allow you to wear a top decorated with a pattern.
As for the choice of shoes, wear leggings with models on the flat course, and heels. It can be ballet flats, sandals, ankle boots. Just do not wear leggings with sneakers - it looks ugly.

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