What to do on spring break?

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Mr arrogance
������������Mr arrogance
������������Answered on March 20, 2015 11:29
Relax! sleep off. depending on what you need. if you relax, you can sit at home, do your favorite things, read a book, review your favorite films, if you want activity, then you can go on a hike, go to the camp site or even go on a mini-trip, if finances allow and parents agree.
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Oh ... What a beauty. What you want, do it. For example, I will learn a foreign language, walk in the fresh air, communicate with people, cook all sorts of goodies, watch movies, read books, oh, and a lot of things)
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Cheshire Cat
������������Cheshire Cat
������������Answered 20 march 2015 12:27
I dream that we have spring break at work) I think I would take care of myself - sports, a training device. I would love to go on an excursion (at least to some city in Russia).

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