What to do if the stomach is very puffy?

Harmony in the intestines - the key to a healthy woman's body. However, each of us has repeatedly encountered the problem of flatulence. What it is? Flatulence - this is an excessive accumulation of gases in the body, which is manifested by abdominal distension, swelling. Most people do not even think that when the belly pushes, it's a signal that there is some kind of disorder in the body that needs to be answered.

But as time is usually not enough, we solve these problems quickly - in a pharmacy we buy the first available “effective” remedy. But in order to alleviate his condition, there is no need at all to take expensive and, quite possibly, useless means.


There are several reasons that contribute to this phenomenon. The first thought with flatulence is: "Oh, yes, I probably have something not eaten." And, if such a state for you is not permanent and not at all systematic, then most likely it is. Products that could affect the body's normal gas content:

  • food that causes the formation of gases (cabbage, beans, apples, highly carbonated drinks);
  • food that causes fermentation processes (kvass, beer, black bread).

However, to eliminate this unpleasant phenomenon, especially if it repeats constantly, is more difficult. To do this, it is necessary to defeat the causes, because of which constantly belches the stomach.

The first reason refers to particularly busy people who dine on the go, talk during meals, swallowing large amounts of air. They do not even think that they thereby disturb the digestive process, which causes outbreaks of flatulence. By the same occasion can be attributed to prolonged chewing gum, which also contributes to the ingress of a much larger amount of air. In such cases, usually all the discomfort ends when all the excess air leaves your body.

The next common cause of flatulence are diseases of the gastrointestinal tract: gastritis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, colitis, liver cirrhosis, dysbacteriosis and other inflammatory processes in the intestine. In the lower parts of the intestine accumulate food debris that should have been digested, but this did not happen due to the presence of the above listed diseases.

No wonder they say that all nerves are from the nerves.That and flatulence can cause stress and nerve overload. As a result of stress, the muscular system of the intestine is reduced, which leads to the accumulation of gases inside the intestine and, as a result, to its stretching. Surely many people know the state when they are nervous and you feel that the stomach hurts and puffs.

Another reason is a violation of intestinal motility. This usually occurs after operations on the abdominal organs. Fermentation and putrefaction processes are enhanced, as the process of passing food through the intestines slows down. The consequences of this phenomenon are already known to us - the formation of excessive amounts of gas in the intestine.

During pregnancy

Often during pregnancy, women complain that the stomach becomes uncomfortable and creates uncomfortable sensations. And, of course, such unpleasant feelings immediately give cause for concern and nerves. “What if it affects the baby? How bad is it? And can it be normal? "

And the answer of experts is quite normal. Indeed, during pregnancy an almost complete rebuilding of the female body occurs, a number of hormonal changes occur, without which it is simply impossible to do during this period.

Such phenomena also affect the full functioning of the intestinal tract, complicating the effectiveness of its ability to remove gases from the body. Very strongly affects the occurrence of flatulence and the fact that often a woman during pregnancy eats rarely, but in very large portions.

Therefore, it is necessary to change the diet - there are more, but in small portions, to exclude or reduce, so-called, irritants from food. If a woman follows these rules and consumes the right foods, then, most likely, the flatulence will decrease or disappear completely.

How to help yourself?

The first step is to visit a qualified specialist - a gastroenterologist. But if serious problems requiring medical intervention will not be identified, then you should think about correcting the diet of your diet. Try to remember from which products the belly puffs, so that they come across as little as possible in your diet.

It is worth carefully and calmly chewing food, and it would also be nice to follow the rule: "When I eat - I am deaf and dumb." The intestine can be helped by simple exercises that we have known since childhood:

  1. "A bike". Lying on your back, twist imaginary pedals.
  2. Massage the abdomen. Just clockwise massage stroking belly.
  3. Standing or lying on your back, pull in and relax your abdominal muscles. Repetitions are made in the amount of 15-20 times.

All these exercises help to improve the permeability of the food masses and stimulate the bowels.

What about pills?

In the treatment of this disease is usually prescribed two types of drugs - adsorbents and "defoamers" (surface-effective substances). When taking adsorbents, gases are absorbed and removed from the body, however, along with them, beneficial bacteria, minerals and substances that are normal accompanying the healthy life of your body go.

"Antifoaming agents" are more effective than adsorbents, however, they act much longer. Therefore, when absolutely necessary, they take adsorbents, while “defoamers” are prescribed for prolonged treatment.

There are many folk remedies and useful herbs to combat flatulence. For example, such herbs as chamomile, mint leaves, valerian and many others are in demand.They are safe for intestinal microflora, however, they should be taken for a long time.

In any case, it is necessary to deal with the reasons for which the stomach is puffy. After all, getting rid of these unpleasant symptoms contributes to your good mood and flowering appearance. Be healthy!

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