What time of day you need to make love to get pregnant

Scientists have calculated not only the exact hours, but also called the best months for conception.

No, this is not about British scientists, although they are quite prolific in terms of incredible discoveries. The study was started by experts from the University Hospital Zurich, the Swiss capital. They found the best time to conceive a child. And it turned out that it is suitable for early birds.

causes of male infertility
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The study involved more than 7 thousand men aged 25 to 40 years. All of them were undergoing treatment for infertility. Swiss scientists analyzed samples of all the "experimental" sperm and gave a curious theory. Experts believe that sperm have their own biological clock. And they are most active in the morning, until 7:30. So if you are trying to get pregnant, set the alarm early.

In addition, the month of the year is also important. According to experts, the highest quality sperm is produced in the spring - in March, April and May. Apparently, no wonder spring is called the time of love!

They called the doctors and the reasons that prevent couples from conceiving. In addition to quite logical age and state of health were rather curious. It turns out that in men leading a sedentary lifestyle, fertility decreases. Affects the quality of sperm and overheating: truckers, taxi drivers, lovers of saunas, saunas and hot tubs are at risk. And even keep a laptop on your lap is not advised.

Among the possible causes of infertility in women - smoking. It turns out that nicotine causes increased secretory activity in the cells of the fallopian tubes. Because of this, the fertilized egg cannot attach to the wall of the uterus. Not to mention the fact that smoking can adversely affect the structure of DNA.

In addition, women trying to conceive, are advised to give up tea and coffee. These drinks can cause miscarriage due to the caffeine they contain. It also reduces male fertility: even two cups of coffee a day may be too much.

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