What threatens to be kept

Let's agree on the shore: the word "kept woman" in this text has no negative coloring. To live at the expense of a man is neither good nor bad. This is a survival strategy, and it is quite a working and proven for centuries. It is quite possible to use it if you possess certain qualities and have a special character. However, many women who agree to such relations often do not really know what awaits them inside the picture about financial well-being.

The advantages of living on the content are obvious: you should not think about your own security, pay bills, plan income and expenses, draw up a financial plan for life, and so on. The disadvantages are not so noticeable, but they can lead to quite serious consequences and, without exaggeration, ruin your life.

Leaving aside sentiment about what it contains - it means it loves. It is beautiful if it loves, and especially if love is mutual. Excellent. But it is even better if there are clear agreements on a financial topic in your couple and there is a clear understanding of what will happen when love ends.

What threatens to be kept

Most often, no one thinks about such arrangements in advance.But love can end as suddenly as it began, and with it all your financial well-being will disappear, if by this time you do not formalize a legal agreement that guarantees you material security. In the classic stories of the kept women, there are no legally certified agreements, usually, alas.

Than you risk, financially depending on the man:

  • You will always have to consult your patron about making meaningful and sometimes not very significant decisions in your life. Even if you know for sure that your decision is correct and you have more knowledge in some matter, there is a high probability that you will have to make a decision that seems true to the one who pays.
  • In a period of crises, elections, earthquakes and other fun events, the financial condition of people can change quite quickly. Well, if you are stress-resistant and can insure their financial flows. If your patron suddenly becomes financially vulnerable, you will become even more financially vulnerable.
  • You will experience a constant background state of anxiety and dependence on the emotional mood of another person. Even the closest people are sometimes unpredictable in their behavior.
  • You will lose yourself, you will not be able to get rid of the feeling of constant emotional lack of freedom and adaptation to another person. And you will have to adjust exactly, because deep inside you will always feel due, and therefore, will not be free in your emotional reactions. This can lead to serious emotional disorders and personal burnout. And if the internal conflict is too strong, there may be mental abnormalities.
  • You may become depressed because of your own worthlessness.

These are just a few reasons that prove that a life strategy on content can be beneficial only in a relatively short period of time. This is the period when a woman actively invests in her development and spends the money of a man to become financially independent: she studies, increases her qualification, and acquires new skills. The material resources of men can end, but their own skills and knowledge will remain with you forever. They may become outdated, but they will be much less difficult to renew than to search for a new patron.

What threatens to be kept

If someone still contains you, it's time to ask yourself why. Why did you choose such a lifestyle? Why are you afraid and do not want to take responsibility for your life? And independently or with the help of specialists get rid of fears, financial dependence ... and regain oneself.

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