What qualities should a decent guy have?

A decent person causes only positive emotions. It is pleasant to communicate with him, it is pleasant to look at him, he is trusted.

Determine whether a decent person your boyfriend can be, looking at his actions. Words outshine the eyes, and the person seems worthy, but the veil falls and a selfish person appears before you, who knows how to beautifully tell tales.

So how to determine the decency of a guy at the beginning of a relationship? What qualities does he have? This word is capacious and includes a lot of virtuous qualities and positive characteristics.

We will understand, where is the line that separates a decent deed from dishonorable. What kind of character, personal qualities a guy should have, so that his actions do not cause a shadow of doubt as to what kind of person he is.


Decency - what is it?

Despite the fact that already psychologists, figures and others treated decency, focusing on the field of human occupation, this concept is very subjective.

Everyone can characterize the decency of a person based on his own views, life experience, personal qualities.

The main characteristic of the concept is the honesty of a person, which is on par with the generally accepted social norms of behavior. In other words, such a person observes all established moral, state and other laws of society. He does not allow himself to commit vicious, low acts that run counter to accepted norms.

This is not an innate quality of a person, but an acquired one. Its development is influenced by the surrounding society, parents, teachers. Not the last role is played by television, read books, friends and acquaintances.

But even if the circumstances of life were such that the maturing person did not have an example of behavior in front of his eyes, he can himself, at will, become such a person. Work is not easy, because it is not enough to control actions, you need to learn to control emotions, and most importantly thoughts.


Decent guy - what is he?

Consider the features inherent in such a guy. The list is far from complete, much depends on the nature, situations and other aspects of life.

  1. Honesty.It is logical that a dishonorable guy a priori can not be decent. After all, honesty characterizes a person from the positive side. This feature is the key to trusting relationships. Knowing that the guy is honest to him, without fear, trust the innermost. Those who have this quality become strong support in the family, creating happiness and comfort around themselves.
  1. Nobility. This feature gives the guy light gusts and pure thoughts. At all times great things have been done by noble people. Noble guys - good nature, which is inherent in the service of good intentions and intentions. Such guys are valiant and honest, they, without thinking about their own benefit and well-being, go to the aid if they are sure that the goal meets moral standards.
  1. Generosity. The guy is not greedy and not self-serving. Generosity allows people, regardless of their financial situation, to extend a helping hand to disadvantaged, unprotected and lonely people. And if someone needs a benefactor, he will become for him a point of support.
  1. Justice. This character trait contributes to the understanding of any situation. The guy does not hurt the oppressed people, get to the bottom of the point, to understand the position of a person.Positive is the quality or negative - difficult to judge. It is often difficult for fair people to see the truth, they are often led by the nose. But, if the guy is sure that the injured party is right, then he will do everything to help him.


  1. Modesty. Even if the guy has only positive qualities, like everyone without exception, he does not brag about it. This same character trait can become a kind of a brake on the achievement of the goal, because it is not inherent in stubborn people who go over their heads for the sake of achieving the desired results.
  1. Fidelity. A guy must have this trait. This means loyalty to the girl, and to the cause, to people, to all that and what he does. The guy doesn’t even have a thought about whether to be faithful to him or not, this is a matter of course.


  1. Cheerfulness. A person who loves people and lives in all its manifestations, can not be a priori without cheerfulness. And, for the feeling of happiness, the guy does not need external manifestations at all, it is his essence. He is able to enjoy not only material goods, the successes of people he loves, but also the perception of life, life. Being next to the cheerful guy, you will feel, as in your soul the love to everything that surrounds you wakes up.Such people have many friends, they are always in the center of the company, but at the same time they do not boast about it.
  1. Courage. The positive qualities of the guy would not be complete without the courage. Is it possible to call a cowardly person worthy? A brave man is not able to betray in a difficult situation, saving his own skin. The brave is able to achieve the goal, without causing damage to those around him.
  1. Punctuality. Such a guy is not late for no reason. And even if there are urgent circumstances, he will decide them, or at least warn about his lateness in advance. This character trait helps to achieve a lot in life, it guarantees a clear daily routine, so that all things are solved easily and naturally.
  1. Politeness. The guy does not communicate as "gopnik". He is polite and courteous. He does not allow himself rude expressions, evil sayings, it is not difficult for him to ask and talk to all people politely, regardless of the situation.

If your guy has these qualities, if the words do not disagree with the deeds. If you see that there are always a lot of people around him who love him, who trust him. You know, you found a rare specimen - a decent guy.

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