What products can replace meat?

Meat must be included in the diet necessarily. But what to do, if for some reason you can't eat it or don’t want it? There are foods that can replace meat.

Why do you need meat?

Why do all doctors strongly recommend the inclusion of meat in the diet? Why it starts to give to kids from 8-9 months? The fact is that it contains protein, which is necessary for the functioning of all systems and tissues of the body.

Protein is a building block for all cells, so its deficiency will affect the functioning of all organs. And protein is especially important for muscles, without this element they can weaken and even atrophy.

What products will help you?

So, what can replace meat?

  1. Eggs. Perhaps they can be put in the first place. They contain a large amount of protein, and it is absorbed completely and fully processed by the body. And that's why such a product includes in the diet powerlifters, bodybuilders and armwires. Of course, it is best to eat eggs in raw form, but this is dangerous because of the risk of intestinal infections such as salmonella.Heat treatment is obligatory, but the greatest amount of nutrients is retained when boiling soft-boiled.
  2. Legumes. This group includes, for example, beans, peas, chickpeas, lentils, soybeans, and so on. The protein content in such products is quite high. For example, in beans and peas it is about 23-25%, and in soybeans as much as 30%. At the same time, this protein is absorbed by 80%, which is quite impressive. It should be noted that the most high-quality protein is part of the beans and lentils. In addition, legumes for the best absorption of the body is recommended to use with vegetables rich in fiber. Separately, it is worth writing about soybeans from which today almost anything is made, such as sauces and even cheese and meat. Some consider soybean harmful, but in reality it is not so if the culture is natural and not genetically modified.
  3. Also included in the listdairy products, they are also an excellent source of protein, which the body absorbs perfectly. So, if you eat a full portion of cheese or cottage cheese at least once a day, you can get a daily rate of protein. Surprisingly, nutritionists say that the highest amount of protein is found in low-fat foods (but not fat-free).The fatter they are, the less protein they will have.
  4. The nuts. They are allowed for vegetarians, so they should certainly be included in their diet, as they contain, depending on the type, about 20-30% protein, and pure and well digestible. You can safely eat hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, peanuts. But the greatest amount is found in walnuts, and in the almonds it is slightly less. But do not try to fill up stocks only with nuts. Firstly, this product is very allergenic, and secondly, it has a high fat content. So in order to avoid problems, it is recommended to eat about 20-30 grams per day. It is important to eat natural nuts, but not glazed, salted or flavored with flavors. You can use them both in pure form and as part of dishes, for example, salads.
  5. A fish. Of course, it is impossible for vegetarians, as well as meat, but it is very useful and also contains a significant amount of proteins, by the way, are not inferior to those found in meat. In addition, there are many other nutrients in fish, such as phosphorus, which is necessary for normal brain function, as well as vitamin E, which is good for skin and hair, and improves mood and ensures proper calcium absorption of vitamin D. Sea fish is especially useful.And it is best to cook it for a couple or in the oven, so most of the useful substances are saved.
  6. Wheat groats, that is, obtained by crushing wheat grains. It is not too popular, as, for example, rice or semolina, but is an excellent source of protein and a lot of other nutrients. Recipes with the use of such cereals are few, but the simplest option is to weld a porridge out of it, and preferably on milk.
  7. Othercerealsalso contain protein. For example, in buckwheat it's about 12%. This is not so much as other substitute products contain, but still such croup is also very useful, because, among other things, it also contains iron and B vitamins. That's why buckwheat is included in the ration of servicemen, it gives strength and strengthens muscle.
  8. Sunflower seeds. They are loved by many, but not everyone knows what a favorite treat is to many can help replenish the protein in the body. The seeds also contain carotene, various amino acids, vitamins E and B groups and fats. But still do not be abused. During the day, the body can fully process only 70-100 grams, not more.
  9. Mushrooms- Another excellent source of protein.But to use it to replace meat regularly and even more so it is not worth it all the time, since mushrooms belong to hard-to-digest products. In addition, they are often consumed in salted, pickled or fried form, and this, of course, is not entirely useful. You can cook them in the oven or on the grill. And in any case a day is best to eat no more than 100-150 grams. And there are mushrooms preferably twice a week, this is quite enough.
  10. Tofu. If the usual cheese supporters of vegetarianism can not, then tofu, which is made from the above-mentioned soybeans, may well enter the diet and at the same time replace not only the usual cheeses, but also meat. At its core, it is a fermented curd made from soy milk. The composition of this cheese includes as many as 9 amino acids. In addition, it is also very tasty!

Be sure to include in your diet foods rich in proteins, because without them, your body simply can not work normally.

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