What men wear to the office in the heat

Summer trouser suit

All attention is not even on the colors, but on the fabric and texture. Naturally, the summer suit is unlikely to be black, but it is important that it be made of thinner fabric according to the season. It is logical that after the purchase, the costume can be divided into two self-sufficient things and worn separately: trousers - with a shirt with wrapped sleeves, a jacket - with city shorts.

Zara suit

Zara suit: jacket (9 999 rubles) and trousers (3 999 rubles)

Gingham Check Shirt

The recipe for men's and women's fashion for the summer is the same: pastel shades and naive prints are good in the hot season. And in general, you can also experiment with shirts in the summer: look for unconventional prints or choose a cut with buttons to the middle.

Glanshirt Shirt

Sand color pants

Put off dark blue and black denim until autumn, but for now let's move to more suitable hot season pants in the colors of the desert or khaki. By the way, the same military-style in combination with a white T-shirt or shirt in summer looks quite appropriate and not belligerent.

Officine Generale Trousers

Officine Generale Trousers (€ 175)

Lofers made of leather or suede

Stylish examples abound in any self-respecting brand that produces leather shoes - from Zara to Gucci. If we are talking about an office, then the shade is to choose a classic one, and if liberal rules apply at work, then try mustard or a bright blue color.

Ortigni Loafers

Lofts Ortigni (13 950 rub.)

Scarf instead of a tie

Not to be confused with a bandana and carnival accessories. We are talking about an expensive silk scarf, which is tied around the neck in the absence of a tie, - stylish, original.

Etro shawl

Shawl Etro (5 050 rub.)


Instantly adds a man award points in the title of style icon. To what kind of hat you add, with the exception of sports, there will be associations with Italian chic and French elegance.

Hat H & M

Hat of H & M (799 rub.)

White running shoes

If your boss still does not approve sneakers in the office, then it's time to change jobs. We, of course, are joking, but in truth, such noble models have appeared on the world for a long time, which, if they are associated with sports, then only with expensive golf lessons.

Diesel Sneakers

Sneakers Diesel (8 890 rub. At a discount)

Rubber bracelet with gold

The most status accessory in the men's wardrobe is considered to be a wrist watch, but bracelets are always unfairly bypassed.Meanwhile, this decoration is also able to demonstrate the financial position of its owner, and at the same time, a bold taste for fashion.

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