What makes life in the office unbearable

Your organization has decided to stay late at work.

For many, leaving work at 8, 9, 10 pm is a common occurrence. They can not or are afraid to leave at the appointed time of 18.00 and sit up late, even if there is nothing special to do, simply because it happened so at the company. Thus, they spend all their personal time in the office, which they could spend on meeting with relatives, going to a cinema or to a fitness club. Not surprisingly, office work depresses and depresses.

You work in openspace

You are lucky if you sit somewhere in the corner of the office where your department of five people works. Many people have to work in the so-called open space - large office spaces for several dozen workplaces, separated by plastic partitions at best. This method of seating, of course, saves space and money. In addition, managers think that in this way they help to unite colleagues and make them one family.In fact, in such conditions, people are much more difficult to concentrate on their work - the lack of personal space has a very negative impact on the motivation and productivity of employees.

What makes life in the office unbearable

Your colleague is bothering you

Working people spend more time in offices than with their families. It is not surprising that many free employees start office romance at work. However, unfree employees, too ... But today is not about that. Service novels have long been the norm and no one surprises, but that's really unacceptable, so it's harassment and harassment of a colleague who does not even get it that his courtship is misplaced and unpleasant. It is even worse if the boss solicits. Well, if you can complain to a higher-level management or give a worthy rebuff yourself. Otherwise you will have to quit.

You are being forced to team building

It shakes me when I hear the word “team building”. This definition means any activities aimed at uniting the collective and making employees of the same family (hello open-space!). In 99% of cases, team building is not needed and uninteresting for employees, because everyone has their own hobbies, their friends, with whom they would like to spend their free time.Therefore, for the majority of teambuilding - violence against the person. Who in their right mind would like to spend time with colleagues who managed to nazolit eyes during the working week? Few who are lucky with colleagues who become true friends.

What makes life in the office unbearable

Your organization has idiotic rules

Not knowing how to motivate employees, some executives come up with idiotic rules such as a ban on smoking or monetary penalties for being late. In such companies, employees are in permanent stress, which, naturally, has a negative effect on health and, consequently, on work efficiency. There is no way to organize free coffee or pay for fitness - there would be more benefit and thanks.

You are surrounded by unpleasant people

When a person who is somewhere in another office is annoyed, and you have to communicate at best once a month by phone, you can survive this. But when you have to work from morning to evening side by side with people whom you don’t tolerate, it’s bad. And then no team building and corporate parties will help. It is known that the environment has a huge influence on us.People working in an unpleasant team are more likely to get sick and suffer from depression and blues.

What makes life in the office unbearable

You have been given a corporate phone

And now you do not turn away from business calls either on weekends or on holidays. Corporate phone as it implies that you have to be in touch all day and night, and this is annoying. The desire of employers to keep their employees on a short leash and dispose of them at any time brings the poor fellows to a white-hot. Still would! Who would like to be undermined to the phone in the middle of the night, or sit on pins and need the whole vacation in anticipation of an urgent call from the boss?

You are not motivated

In good companies, employees are treated like people, therefore in such places there is usually low staff turnover - people are motivated, they like to work in a company that cares for them. Then you and medical care, and regular bonuses, and cool corporate parties, and many other amenities. But not everyone is so lucky. Most organizations refuse to allocate funds even for tulips by March 8, not to mention something more. And then the leaders are surprised why their subordinates are lazy and irresponsible.

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