What kind of cosmetics will be needed during the holidays

What kind of cosmetics you need during your vacation? Cosmetics should be selected depending on the climate of the country where you decided to go on vacation. For example, if you plan to visit cities in Europe, then you will need cosmetics with antioxidants. And after visiting the seashore, give your skin a break from using makeup products. Avoid makeup, because during the heat it melts faster, and the pores become dirty and clogged. List of necessary cosmetics. Since the sun, wind and water dry out your skin, you will need moisturizers. If your skin is oily or combination, then you can not do without a lotion, and for dry and normal gel cream is suitable, but only with moisturizing properties. Do not do without cleansers. In any rest, dust and sand will accompany you, so clean your face, neck and decollete every day. Therefore, in the cosmetic bag must be a tonic for washing, gel or lotion only without alcohol. On vacation, use a minimum of decorative cosmetics.To do this, you can prepare in advance so that you and without the use of makeup look no worse than with him. Visit the salon and do a face cleaning. Paint your eyebrows and eyelashes with resistant paint, and then you will not need mascara and pencil for a whole month. Well, if you absolutely can not without cosmetics, then take only the most necessary (for example, waterproof mascara, masking pencil, lipstick or lip gloss, makeup remover). Do not do without sunscreen. Using them, you can avoid sunburn and skin dryness. If you want the tan to be even and incomparable, use tanning oil.

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