What jacket to buy for the winter in 2017

Fur Jackets

They are considered the most frost-resistant. The beaver jacket has excellent wear and high frost resistance. If you follow the latest in the fashion world, get a product tailored from scraps, but keep in mind that it will not be warm. Beauty and warmth combines clothing made of mink, sheepskin and all types of fur.
To assess the quality of the fur thing, remember it in your hands, a high-quality product does not rustle, the fur immediately straightens, and the hairs do not stick together. Fur dressing can be checked by holding a slightly wet hand over the hair. The large amount of bristle hair left on the hand means that the skin is of poor quality and the jacket will wear out quickly.
The seams will tell you about the method of sewing the product. Visually, they will not be considered, but they should be palpable, and, the threads should not be thick. The absence of seams means that the jacket, produced by gluing the skins, ie, most likely, will not survive even one season.
You can check a dyed fur jacket with a white scarf, a piece of paper, or a hand. Scratch the product on the hair, high-quality color will not leave marks.

Leather jackets

The spectacular look and ease of care make many buyers opt for a leather winter jacket. The warmest will be a product with a fur trim, well, if it is detachable, then the thing can be worn during the demi-season period.
The best raw material for leather jackets is sheep and calf leather. It should be supple, soft and not overdried. The paper rustling of the product indicates its poor-quality dressing.
Reliability of color is easy to assess, looking at the extreme parts - from the end of the skin should be the same color as the jacket, it is permissible only a small difference in shades. Good grades of leather must have a water-repellent coating. To check its presence you can drip a little water on the front side of the thing, the water should slide without being absorbed into the skin.

Textile jackets

Down jackets are the most popular among textile jackets in Russia. It is possible to distinguish a quality product by the inscription “Down” on the label; it is also distinguished by a high price.Therefore, feather is often added to the fluff, most often their ratio is 70% fluff and 30% feather. Try to find a jacket with a ratio of 80/20 or 90/10 - it will be warmer. Pay attention to the inner side of the product - there should not be a crawling down. Stitching from the inside of the down jacket is desirable so that the down does not fall down.
If the sporty style of clothing is not for you, then pay attention to the textile jacket with insulation or fur podstezhka. It can be modern materials that are not inferior to down on frost resistance, such as Feibertek, Walterm, and Sintepon. It is better to choose a product from natural fabrics, it is good if they are applied a water-repellent coating.

General tips

Try on the model you like, move around - in any jacket should be, first of all, convenient and comfortable. So that the cold does not penetrate under the jacket and into the sleeves, choose the style that will have cuffs and a bottom on the elastic band. Remember that a jacket for winter should not be tight, because under it you have to wear thick sweaters and jackets.
Pay attention to the thread, the winter thing can not have the through seams, stitches should be windproof and strong. Quality clothing always uses an expensive lining, such as silk or viscose.Fittings must also be of high quality. Check all the zips and buttons - they should open and close well with medium force. Diligent manufacturers try to enclose accessories with tape or cloth so as not to injure hands on metal during hard frosts.

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