What is the most dangerous job

window washer

At first glance, the work at the window washer is not the most dangerous, and very few people have ever managed to clean up their own apartment. However, the situation seems completely different when it comes to the skyscraper window washer in Dubai. Workers perform their duties at a height of 120 meters without any special equipment. The risk that the hand slips off wet glass is very high in this situation. As a rule, migrants who have no right to vote work in such unqualified positions, so the authorities are in no hurry to improve their situation.


Work at the miners is not only extremely difficult, but also dangerous. Not only do these people constantly inhale small particles of rock, there is a great danger of explosion in the mines. Accidents as a result of which workers die from stones crashing on them or remain blocked (and removing the victims is a laborious task, and sometimes for technical reasons even impossible) is not uncommon.

Rescue worker

Rescue workers have to risk their lives every day. Fires, floods and other manifestations of raging elements can sweep a tiny person without even noticing him. However, this does not prevent brave people from risking their lives for the sake of others.


Manual is the most effective method for bomb disposal. The current generation of automated devices can achieve success in 80% of cases, while specialists from flesh and blood show results in 99.6%. The remaining 0.4%, unfortunately, has no chance of survival.

Sea fisherman

Fishing on an industrial scale is very different from the usual meditative recreation with a fishing rod. Extremely strong and resilient men go swimming. These people are often forced to catch their prey in the harsh northern seas. Cold water and a frozen deck lead to many accidents. And high competition between different companies only increases mortality. The Discovery Channel even filmed a cycle of programs for crabs catchers - people whose profession does not seem risky at first glance, but in reality it turns out to be a complete danger.


Few occupations can be compared in terms of the number of deaths with timber lumbermen. It is the hardest for loggers who work in the mountains. The slope of 70-80 degrees, crumbling soil, rocks and tree roots often harm loggers. The danger is also felled trees. Falling and rolling, the tree is able to tear down everything in its path. Falling branches also claimed a lot of human lives.

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