What is an eye?

Lyudmila Kolyagina
Lyudmila Kolyagina
March 15, 2013
What is an eye?

It is vision that gives as much information about the world as it is impossible to obtain, using hearing, taste and olfactory sensations, touch. The eye, despite its small size, is a very powerful “device” with which the lens of even the most high-end lens cannot be compared. But how does it work? What is an eye? How does it work, what does the world allow us in such wonderful colors? This will be discussed in our article.

Even in the anatomy textbook at school, we are told that the eye is the organ through which people and animals can see. It is through the fragile eye that a person receives ninety percent of the information from the environment in which he lives. The human eye is shaped like an irregular ball called an eyeball. Light reflecting from objects comes into the eye, this light takes over the retina of the eye, which is located on the back wall of the eyeball. The retina consists of several layers of sensitive cells, they receive information about the appearance of objects, process it and transmit to the brain via the optic nerve.So we see objects and distinguish them. The lens, which is shaped like a biconvex lens, helps focus rays of light on the retina. The lens is located on the front of the eyeball. And the light rays fall on the lens through the pupil. In bright light, the pupils of our eyes narrow, and when it is dark, they expand. Thus, the pupils protect the eyes from excessive amounts of light or vice versa, when the lighting is poor, they, increasing in size, help the eye to receive a greater amount of light.

Protects the eyeball of the sclera - a protein shell consisting of fibers. The anterior transparent wall of the sclera is the cornea, in which the primary refraction of the rays occurs. For the protein shell follows the choroid, in it there are many capillaries, through which blood enters the eye, feeding it. In the choroid are the iris and pupil. Between the cornea and the iris, between the lens and the iris are the eye chambers, which contain a refractory liquid.

Eyelids and eyelashes perform the function of protecting the eyes. The eyelids contain tear glands, and the fluid secreted by them moisturizes the mucous membrane of the eye.Under the eyelids are three pairs of muscles that help the eyeballs move.

An important role in good vision is the work of the retina. If the images of objects fall exactly on it, then the eye sees well, if the image falls in front of or behind the retina, then the person sees the objects blurred. So there is myopia or farsightedness.

Now you know a little about what an eye is, what it consists of and how it works.

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