What is Pokemon Go - why does it change the game world?

Surely you already know what Pokemon Go is! Being the owner of a modern smartphone, you have already tried to download this game, however, you most likely did not work with this. In this article we will dot the i and tell you everything you wanted to know about Pokemon Go! Why has the game become so popular all over the world and how to properly install it in your phone?

What is Pokemon Go - why it will change the game world

Today, in the general database of Pokemon Go, there is an enormous number of users who no longer think of a day without their favorite toy. By the number of downloads of the application on iOS and Android, this game has bypassed even the popular dating site Tinder. Since the game appeared on the screens of smartphones, Nintendo’s shares have risen sharply in price.

Pokemon Go (Pokémon go) - what is it?

Pokemon Go is the first mobile toy from Nintendo - the company that was famous in the past year for gaming products like Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda.

Pokemon Go is a new game that is a mobile version of the already well-known game of the same name on Nintendo consoles.The goal of the game is quite primitive: you need to collect Pokemon animals as much as possible in order to earn more points.

What is Pokemon Go - why it will change the game world

But the key difference of the newest version from the old “console” is “developmentalization” - from now on Pokemon need to be caught not at all in a virtual fantasy world, but in the real world! Here you downloaded the game, installed it in your phone and opened the map. In the so-called Pokestop, you will see the place of appearance of all the characters in the game. However, you can not immediately use your hero - you need to go / go to the same place (pokestop), then get your mobile phone and use the camera to detect the pokemon, and then catch it with the help of a pokeball!

The Pokemon Go Phenomenon - why does everyone like catching pokemon?

The main, and perhaps the only feature of this game is an augmented reality that catches so much everyone who has already tried to play Pokemon Go. People develop a habit pretty quickly: he took a phone out of his pocket, walked to a rest park, turned on the app, pointed the camera at a specific object - and now you become the owner of Snorlax!

What is Pokemon Go - why it will change the game world

It is worth noting the presence in the game of famous characters: Squirtl, Bulbozavr and Charmander, as well as fast Pikachu.

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