What is a note?

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What is a note?

The word "note" seems simple and clear to most, familiar from school. This word originated from the Latin nota - "sign", which already largely explains its meaning.

Let's take a closer look at what a note is.

Meaning of the word note

  • A note is a graphic sign with which musical compositions are recorded on paper. There is a special musical notation. Thanks to such records, musical compositions written many centuries ago have come down to us. Notes can be learned in specialized music schools, as well as independently at home, read more about this in the article How to learn notes. Example: "The notes in this notebook were difficult to disassemble, as it eventually frayed."
  • A note is the sound itself produced by musical instruments during the performance of a piece. Example: "The high notes played by the violin prevailed in this sonnet."
  • A note is an official document expressing various requests, complaints, etc. between the parties. From this meaning of the word "note" there were such words as "notation", "notary".Example: "There was an exchange of notes between the governments of two states"
  • Note in a figurative sense is called a certain feature of something that is most noticeable against the general background. This applies, for example, to intonation, or the taste of food or wine, aromas. Example: "The notes of sarcasm were noticeable in his voice."

There are also sayings that are associated with notes. Narimer: "everything went like a note." This means that everything went as it was intended.

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