What is hematogen useful for?

For many, hematogen is an appetizing treat, but can it be consumed every day? Find out this, not only to enjoy the taste, but also to extract the maximum benefit.

What it is?

Hematogen is a biologically active additive and does not apply to drugs or vitamin preparations. What makes this delicacy, the taste of which is well known to everyone since childhood? Its main active ingredient is food albumin, which is obtained from purified and specially treated blood of cattle. As an additional component that improves the taste and gives the bars a characteristic texture, molasses, condensed milk, sugar, chocolate, coconut chips, sesame seeds, candied fruits, nuts, etc. can be used.

Historical note: the first analogue of hematogen appeared at the end of the XIX century in Switzerland, but then it was produced in the form of a mixture and was used exclusively for therapeutic purposes. After 1917, it began to be sold on the territory of Russia, and today it is produced by many private companies, changing the composition and execution.

Than useful?

The use of hematogen is indisputable and is determined by the nutrients in the composition. In this dietary supplement, in addition to albumin, you can find vitamins C and A, proteins, carbohydrates and fats, amino acids, sodium, calcium, chlorine, potassium. Some manufacturers enrich the hematogen and other components.

Consider the main beneficial properties of hematogen:

  • First of all, hematogen helps replenish iron stores, and also normalizes hemoglobin levels. Hemoglobin is necessary for normal blood formation and blood supply: it ensures the transport of oxygen and its delivery to all tissues of the body.
  • Vitamin C is a helper of the immune system that strengthens the natural protective barrier and helps repel attacks of bacteria, fungi and viruses. In addition, ascorbic acid helps to strengthen the vascular walls and reduce their fragility.
  • Vitamin A is very useful for vision, as it retains its sharpness and prevents the development of cataracts and glaucoma. Also, this component is responsible for the normal state of epithelial tissues, skin and mucous membranes.
  • Since there are proteins in the biologically active additive, it can be considered useful for muscle tissue. Moreover, such substances are used by the body as a building material for the formation of new cells.
  • Hematogen has a tonic effect, contributes to the speedy recovery of all body systems.
  • Carbohydrates, which are very many - the main sources of energy spent on mental processes, physical activity, as well as ensuring the functioning of the entire body.
  • With an unbalanced diet, the hematogen will ensure that all the most important and necessary nutrients enter the body, and also prevent the development of beriberi.
  • Additive will increase efficiency, reduce fatigue, give a charge of vivacity for several hours and perfectly satisfy hunger.

In what cases can it hurt?

Despite all the benefits of hematogen, in some cases it can cause harm. First of all, it is worth remembering the contraindications, which include obesity, diabetes mellitus, carbohydrate metabolism disorders and individual hypersensitivity, as well as children under two to three years of age (different manufacturers indicate different age limitations).

Some manufacturers to contraindications include diseases characterized by increased blood clotting and the risk of blood clots, as albumin contributes to blood clots. Consumption during pregnancy or during breastfeeding is possible, but it should be previously discussed with your doctor. It is worth remembering that a dietary supplement can cause allergies, as it contains potentially allergenic components. If you exceed the dosage may occur diarrhea, nausea, bloating, urticaria.

It is important to know: with constant abuse of hematogen, an excess of iron in the body can occur, and it is also harmful, as is the deficiency.

Who should be used?

The use of hematogen as a food supplement is recommended in the following cases:

  • iron deficiency or post-hemorrhagic anemia;
  • depletion of the body as a result of unbalanced or poor nutrition;
  • avitaminosis and hypovitaminosis;
  • hypotrophy, lack of body weight;
  • significant blood loss, surgery;
  • rehabilitation after serious illnesses;
  • diseases associated with bleeding.

Permissible dosages and features of use

How much hematogen can be eaten per day? The adult can eat one whole bar, that is about 40-50 grams. And the norm for children is about 20-30 grams. But with acute iron deficiency or vitamin deficiency, the dosage can be increased after consultation with the doctor.

The daily dose is recommended to be divided into several methods in order to avoid the ingestion of increased volumes of glucose and sharp jumps in blood sugar levels. It is best to use the hematogen between meals or as a small snack, so that it is better and faster absorbed. You can drink this dietary supplement with water, as it is very sweet. The course of hematogen use by individuals of any category should last about three to six weeks (sometimes longer), but after the interval it can be repeated if necessary.

There is nothing known about the interaction of hematogen with drugs, but it should not be taken simultaneously with iron-containing agents or multivitamin complexes, since overdosing of certain substances that can cause hypervitaminosis is possible.In addition, the instructions may indicate that during the use of a dietary supplement, you should give up alcohol: it can remove part of the incoming nutrients from the body.

Hematogen probably tried everything. But if you want to eat it not only with pleasure, but also with benefit, follow the dosage and some rules.

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