What is effective pair slimming?

After another critical examination of yourself in the mirror, you decided: you should lose a few extra pounds, and maybe not a couple? And here you understand perfectly well that attempts to maintain a diet have already been made more than once, but they just ended too quickly, and trips to fitness centers, more often than not, had no time to be crowned with some real success.

Losing weight is difficult, especially when the household does not particularly follow the rules of healthy eating, and training is a real hard labor and torment for almost every person who has real weight problems.

That is why in recent times there has been more and more talk about joint or pair weight loss - losing weight with someone is much easier and more effective, diets are much easier to carry out, and joint workouts bring much more results than going to a fitness club alone.

For the success of the business it is very important to choose the right partner: it can be a close friend, a work colleague, and maybe even your other half!

Psychologists and nutritionists have long confirmed that with joint efforts it is possible not only to lose weight successfully, but also to maintain optimal weight for much longer after its normalization. You can be sure of all this if you risk going through all the difficulties together with your partner. What is useful in losing a pair?

Advantages and disadvantages

We begin, of course, with the advantages of this technique. All these points need to be remembered and taken into account if you are really tuned to a positive result and a real effect.

  • Lose weight together is really easier. No matter who it is - your girlfriend or husband, supporting each other in moments of weakness, it is much easier to overcome the desire to eat an extra piece or intercept an extra sandwich, if there is someone who can distract you from this thought. In addition, it is much easier for two of us to reject such attractive offers as “order pizza for the evening”, “buy a cake for a celebration”, “skip a glass of wine”.
  • If you lose weight with a man with whom you live, then you no longer have to be torn between a mountain of pots and different dishes - dietary for yourself and high-calorie for him, because you probably agree on the general principles of nutrition and the menu that will be able to satisfy your general needs.
  • Joint trainings in the hall, with time, turn into a real hobby: you and your partner have more topics for communication, you begin to spend much more time together. In addition, talking about real achievements, as well as possible prospects, always strengthens the morale and ignites the desire to move only forward.
  • Some exercises in the gym are much easier to do in pairs, and in times of crisis, when you need to go, and the desire has abruptly disappeared, there is a person who can be leveled and who will necessarily eliminate your minute weaknesses.
  • Experts say that the partners who live together, with the beginning of joint weight loss and pair of workouts even improve the quality of sexual life. Firstly, with the appearance of each new muscle and the discharge of an extra kilogram, there is more and more of a lack of restraint and, on the contrary, a desire to once again show the half of its achievements. Secondly, people involved in sports, there is a special psychological connection, which has a positive effect during sex.

What about the flaws?

  • There is a converse opinion about losing weight with half: some men from such a process may feel “under the hood”.In addition, if one of you surrenders first, then, as a result, conflicts may arise on culinary grounds, which will very quickly move to other areas of life together.
  • Far from every man can really be persuaded to lose weight together: most of them accept different diets and restrictions in terms of their favorite foods, as well as drinks, without any enthusiasm.
  • Choosing a “slimming partner” for a girlfriend, especially one with whom you cannot see often, there may be difficulties in terms of joint support and the risk of “losing distance” is too great. Of course, the most realistic option is to become a real coalition at the time of joint weight loss, when all meals (or most of them) are held together, like training, which is not always realistic in the conditions of modern life.

Some important tips:

  • If you really decided that you want to lose weight in a pair, then choose a partner who will not let you down for sure - he (or she) should have no less enthusiasm for the plans he has planned than you. Think over the food plan, determine the days on which you will jointly cook and use healthy food, try as often as possible to support each other emotionally: with conversations, calls and even SMS messages.
  • At least once a week, discuss plans for the future, weigh yourself twice a week, recording the results and admiring the result in the mirror. For greater efficiency, you can even take pictures before and after. Each time, set new goals, and do not forget to reward yourself for your work, these should be small but pleasant little things: a book about healthy eating, good running shoes, a subscription to the pool or spa, and so on.
  • The number of kilograms dropped is, of course, important, but it is even more important to notice the improvement in fitness: remember that everyone has their own physiology, so someone just throw 3 kg in a week, and for someone 500 g will be a great achievement. Do not envy anyone, but rather concentrate on your own successes.
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