What is dangerous home birth

The greatest danger that may arise during home birth is bleeding, which represents a real threat to the life of the fetus and mother, as the sudden development of bleeding increases rapidly. In just a few minutes you can lose a huge amount of blood. Only in the maternity hospital can provide the necessary assistance - this is to stop bleeding and make up for blood loss.
Bleeding can suddenly open up not only during childbirth, but also after the birth of a baby. This is due to premature detachment of the placenta. A woman loses a lot of blood while the fetus suffers from severe hypoxia due to lack of blood flow. Only an emergency caesarean section in this case can save the life of the mother and baby.
The cause of the onset of bleeding can be a violation of the afterbirth after birth. The afterbirth should be immediately removed from the uterus to allow it to fully contract. This is done by manual examination of the uterus and the placenta, which is carried out in the operating room under general anesthesia.
Anomalies of labor can occur (weak or excessively stormy labor). It is dangerous for a woman to bleed after a baby is born, for the fetus to develop hypoxia. Women in labor should be administered medications that normalize labor activity, so that neither the future mom nor the child will suffer. Therefore, we should return to the fact that a woman should give birth exclusively in the maternity hospital, where there are necessary medicines and experienced staff, and you can also monitor the condition of the fetus by recording CTG.
No less dangerous for women in the home at home ruptures of the birth canal. They should be sewn up as soon as possible so that the woman does not lose a lot of blood and not accidentally infect the infection. Agree that this can not be done at home, so you need a medical facility - the hospital.
The next formidable danger at home birth is a clinically narrow pelvis of the expectant mother. With this pathology, the size of the head of the fetus does not correspond to the size of the pelvis of the woman, so the child cannot be born on its own. If a cesarean section is not performed in time, the case may result in abundant intra-abdominal bleeding or rupture of the uterus, threatening the life of the mother and fetus, which can die without being born.

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