What is the best dress for the wedding guests?

The wedding is an event of incredible importance not only for those who bind themselves by marriage, but also for their guests. This celebration does not occur as often as a birthday. Therefore, it is very important that all people associated with the wedding were satisfied not only with the event, but also with their own appearance. Dress for the wedding correctly, and then you will be provided with a great mood.

All of us have heard from childhood that every woman’s wedding should have only one time in her life. In fact, in our time it is quite normal to tie the knot together more than once. Anything in life happens. So only at your wedding you can be a couple of times.

In addition, our population has one great tradition: to invite a large number of guests to the wedding. It is possible that in all your life you will have to attend a dozen of celebrations. At one wedding you will be the main heroine, and at the other you will be the invited guest.

You can get an invitation to a wedding celebration at any time and day of the year. Despite the fact that this will make the wallet empty, each of us is pleased to realize that the newlyweds want to see us at the main celebration in their lives.

Not only friends and relatives, but even people from whom you did not expect such attention, such as a former guy, can invite you to a wedding party. You need to dress depending on who exactly invited you to the wedding celebration.

We go to relatives

First of all, you should wear stylish, stylish and preferably new clothes. Because, first of all, you should look good on photos and videos, and secondly, you should stand out from the rest of the guests with your irresistible look.

So, before you go to the store to choose an outfit for the wedding of relatives, friends or acquaintances, you need to carefully consider many details. First you must find out what kind of wedding it will be. The fact is that recently it has become very fashionable to organize themed wedding celebrations.

This can be a vintage, Hollywood or retro wedding, which requires appropriate accessories and attributes. In the invitation, which was sent to you newlyweds must be specified requirements for dress code.Your duty is to fully implement them. It is said to everyone to be in red, then you should be wearing a red dress.

If the invitation does not say anything about clothes, then you can say you are lucky. Because you can choose the style and color of the attire to your taste and depending on your own physique.

If the wedding has a gala dinner at a restaurant, and not a picnic in nature, then you should opt for a dress and high-heeled shoes. Trouser suit will not be entirely appropriate, since all men will be dressed in tuxedos.

Fundamental rules

First of all, when dressing for a wedding, you have to forget about two colors: black and white. The main culprit of the celebration will be dressed in white, therefore the color of purity and tenderness should be completely at her disposal.

The bride should stand out against the background of the rest of the guests, and if all the women attend the event in white, the picture will not be very good. Black contrasts with white remarkably, but our people associate it with sad events in life. This can upset an impressionable bride.

Refuse vulgar attire.Even if you are all recognized as the queen of shocking, you should not wear a green bolero with a red short dress for a wedding. Guests should not be shocked by your appearance.

In addition, in a prestigious institution you simply can not be allowed. Do not provoke the newlyweds, if you treat them well.

It is better to surprise all the guests with two elegant dresses. And that, no one forbids at a wedding a couple of times to change a dress. In the registry office you can go in a long dress, and for a party wear a short and comfortable for dancing.

Also do not need to use strange accessories. It is better to leave a handbag in the form of a bus for another special occasion, for example for a carnival. Do not wear a black hat on the wedding, especially with a veil. Give up and frank tights in the mesh.

Dress fabric should also be noble. It is better not to wear a dress in a cage or denim. Knitted dresses are not appropriate at the wedding, even if it happens in winter.

At a wedding for a friend you just have to dress smartly. She has an exciting moment in life, so your presence at the wedding is just necessary for her.

In order to choose the outfit for the wedding of a girlfriend it is better to discuss all the details with her in advance. Ask the bride what dress she would like to see you.Better yet, go shopping with her, because you can buy an outfit in a month. Thus, you and the new dress will get and divorce from your girlfriend, because now she has so many worries.

The long, magnificent dress of the bride always causes lovely emotions, but not desire. For modern men, a luxurious dress is less sexy than a short cocktail dress. To your girlfriend is not offended you need to wear a beautiful dress of normal length. Mini leave for hen party.

Your dress should be elegant, perhaps the ideal option would be a pencil dress or a classic straight. Be sure to have stylish accessories such as watches, earrings and bracelets. In order not to worry about the problem areas in the figure, you can use dragging underwear. Just do not forget about him, if you suddenly want to continue the wedding in the company of a temperamental guest.

Of course, for a girlfriend's wedding, you should put on good shoes. Their heel should be steady. Because on this day you should come off, and not gloomily sit at a table with grated and swollen nails.

The color of the dress for the wedding of a girlfriend should be gentle. Not necessarily pink.These can be delicate shades of green, blue, yellow, peach. The main thing that you were comfortable in it.

If you decide to wear a long evening dress for the wedding of a girlfriend, remember that you should behave in it nobly, that is, it is not necessary to get drunk and tear up this dress in the ass.

And the main thing is that neither your outfit, nor your behavior spoil the bride's mood. Because a friend can take offense at you.

Wedding at the former

Sometimes there is such. The bride will probably not like your presence at her celebration. But the situation is different, and your life can happen such an incident, as an invitation to a wedding for the former young man.

Absolutely all women, having received an invitation to such an unusual wedding, want one thing: to make the former regret that he missed such a beauty. Naturally this can be done with a stunning outfit.

In this case, you can bet on an amazing, sexy dress. A great option would be a long dress with a naked back. Let him be a few stones, your main trump card is a graceful posture and elegant form.

If your ex-boyfriend really liked your breasts, then you just have to show it. An evening dress with a deep neckline in the neckline is what you need. You can even wear such a long dress without a bra.

You can also choose a short red bustier dress. You must wear those items of clothing that instantly aroused the ex-boyfriend.

If you consider the invitation of your former mockery of your vulnerable heart, you can take revenge on him. Come in all black and do not forget about the black hat with a veil. And you can spoil the event with your sharp jokes. Still, it is better to preserve the dignity and just ignore the invitation to the wedding.

You now know what you can wear to a wedding regardless of who invited you to it. And when choosing an outfit for a wedding, you should think not only about comfort, price and relevance, but also about your attitude to the people who invited you.

Remember that you should look great, but the main thing is your wonderful mood and sincere wishes to the newlyweds of happiness. Otherwise, there is simply no point in coming to the wedding.If for some reason you don’t like people, just find the strength to refuse an invitation to a celebration.

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