What is better to catch carp?

Tatyana Eflina
Tatyana Eflina
October 28, 2014
What is better to catch carp?

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What is better to catch carp?

Carp is a very tasty fish that any fisherman wants to catch. And tackles for carp fishing are different.

You can learn about carp fishing places from the article Where to Catch Carp. And we now find out what is best to catch carp.


Rod make from juniper or birch. You can also make a rod of ash, hazel, birch or bird cherry. The length of the rod should be from three to five meters.

Fishing line usually used cotton, linen or silk. Linen fishing line is more durable than cotton, but they need to be made independently, they are not in stores. Cotton thread is twisted and woven. Twisted fishing line is stronger than wicker. Silk fishing line is also very durable. As for the color of the fishing line, it is better to choose yellow-green or brown-red.

It is imperative to use a leash when fishing for carp. It should be practically not noticeable, but strong.

The sinker must be smaller than the hook, and it must be located above it. The sinker must be elongated. It is good to paint it green.

The hook must be strong, steel. The nozzle should not crawl off the hook, so you need to take the hooks with notches.

The float must be chosen small and inconspicuous. It is better not to buy a float, and make yourself. You can make it out of wood. Then the float will be small and light.

About catching carp can be found in our article How to catch a carp.


What is carp caught on? As for the bait, carps are well caught on potatoes, corn, peas, crumb, toasted bread, as well as cereals. In summer, carp prefers vegetable baits.

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