What is a promo code in Sberbank

Marketers and PR managers have spoiled the modern consumer so much that when shopping, he actively responds mainly to promotional offers, discounts and gifts for the purchase. Of course, an intelligent person will understand that the special offers one way or another lies the seller’s benefit, because he will not work at a loss. He can pursue the goal to increase sales turnover, quickly release warehouses, sell unpopular goods, etc. This trend has spread to online sales. According to consumer expectations, online offers should be accompanied by a profit for the buyer. The same applies to the sale of financial services by banking institutions.

What is Sberbank's promo code?

Some time ago, Sberbank introduced an innovation for users of the Sberbank Online system - promotional codes. Active users of the service immediately became interested in this offer. After all, the experiment at first glance may seem profitable, and even very profitable in the long term.

The essence of the use of promotional codes from Sberbank is as follows: a banking institution provides the client with the privilege in the form of higher deposit rates or lower interest on a loan. To get it, just enter a special word (representing a combination of characters) in the appropriate field inside your Sberbank Online personal account.

For the Savings Bank, the introduction of a service to activate promotional codes is a good PR move. With the help of distribution and drawing quizzes of such promotional codes, the credit institution actively attracts new customers from the Internet audience. Loyal customers who have long used the services of the bank are also encouraged to purchase financial products. In addition, customers are thus more likely to get used to and master the portal or the Sberbank Online application and at the same time pay attention to other financial products of the bank. In the long run, Sberbank will be able to reduce the cost of maintaining its network of offline representative offices by transferring the lion’s share of customers to an online environment.

How to find a promo code from Sberbank

Most often, the codes are distributed in the official groups of the bank in social networks, for example, VKontakte.You can subscribe to the group and follow the news feed. Entering a new type of deposit or updating a credit rate in Sberbank is most often accompanied by a promotional offer of the bank with the distribution of promotional codes. To get the code, you need to answer a few questions (similar to the questionnaire): what loan do you use before paycheck, how convenient is it to handle money — to have cash or keep it on a card, etc. For example, a promotional code may add 0.5% of annual income on a financial deposit opened in Sberbank Online. The purpose of such testing in social networks conducted by Sberbank is to identify customer needs and improve the performance of services, introduce new products, refine the functionality of a personal account, etc.

Also, the code may be offered by a partner organization and an online store. All special offers have a limited duration.

How to enter a promotional code

The promo code can be used only after authorization in Sberbank Online. Find in the “Contributions” tab a special field to enter the combination of numbers and letters, insert it and click the “OK” button.

Also, the field for entering promotional codes can be found in the "Other" tab under the link "Promotional Codes". The whole procedure takes less than a minute.

Why Sberbank such innovations

The first and, perhaps, the main reason is the competitors, which force the participants of the credit market to develop new, modern technologies for attracting potential consumers.

Secondly, the bank needs to stir up interest in new products among old loyal and also inactive customers.

Thirdly, consumers (especially the youth audience) are increasingly passionate about the Internet, and online action in the form of a game “answer the question - get a prize” becomes an ideal way to attract a potential consumer.

Fourth, loyalty programs stimulate the sale of related financial services, such as opening a deposit, opening a piggy bank, inviting a friend, cashback, etc.

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